10 Surprising Reasons You are Gaining Weight

Sunday 30 July 2017

Overeating and lack of exercise are the usual causes of weight gain. But these are not the only reasons. There are people who seem to do everything right yet still gain weight or are unable to shed their kilos.

Here are 10 surprising reasons you are gaining weight:

1. Lack of sleep

When you're up late, you tend to do some late-night snacking, which means more calories. Also, when you're sleep deprived, changes in your hormone levels increase hunger and appetite, making you feel not as full after eating and thus eat more.

2. Medications

Many anti-depressant medications cause weight gain, when taken over long-term. Other common medicines that cause weight gain include birth control pills, excess hormones for hormone therapy, steroids, beta-blockers for heart disease and blood pressure, anti-seizure meds, breast cancer medications like Tamoxifen, some treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, migraine and heartburn medications.
All those health conditions can be addressed by taking Lingzhi, which reduce the side effects of the meds such as weight gain. Find out how Lingzhi works for your body.

3. Slow digestive system

Digestive issues include slow bowel movements. Constipation can be caused by dehydration, medication, low fiber intake or lack of good flora in your gut.
Try Lactoberry, which contains both pre and probiotics to regulate your gut flora and prevent constipation.

4. Ageing

As we grow older, our metabolism slows down and we don't burn as many calories. Thus we need more exercise and less food to keep the same metabolism going. Protein will cause your body to burn calories more efficiently. Jia Hor Soya Protein is a quality source of protein with high bioavailability.
On the other hand, carbs are something your body tends to burn more slowly and even store in your body more readily.

5. You have plantar fasciitis

Heel pain, knee or hip pain and osteoarthritis can force you to cut back on your movements and activities, resulting in weight gain.
Take Vitaking collagen as it very effectively reduces the inflammation and repairs the damage to your joints.

6. Cushing's Syndrome (hypercortisolism)

Weight gain accompanied by high blood pressure, osteoporosis and changes in your skin tone and quality, including purple or silvery stretch marks on your abdomen could be a sign that your body isn't processing nutrients the way it should, due to a cortisol-producing tumour on one of your adrenal glands.
As Lingzhi is able to regulate your hormone level, it can help you manage this condition, including weight gain.

7. Liquid calories

Juices and soft drinks can have high calorie content. And they have no satiety factor, meaning you may be hungry minutes later after drinking the juice or root beer, making you consume even more calorie.
Take Yung Kien Pollen instead, because when you nourish your body with sufficient nutrients, you are able to reduce your craving for junk food.

8. Weight training

When you gain muscle faster than you lose fat, your body mass is increasing, therefore increasing your weight.

9. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

This is the development of many small cysts on the ovaries, as well as menstrual disturbances. The hormone disruption caused by PCOS includes weight gain (usually because of a higher resistance to insulin).
As Lingzhi is able to regulate your hormone level, it will help you reduce the symptoms of PCOS including weight gain.

10. Quitting smoking

Most of the weight gain after quitting smoking is due to the fact that reaching for cigarettes tends to be replaced with reaching for snacks. The new absence of nicotine in the body also leads to a drop in metabolic rate. Try snacking on Yung Kien Pollen instead. It tastes delicious and can subdue your craving for snacks.

(Source: The Star 10 October 2016)

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