Bits & Bites #172 - Business: You Use-You Save & You Sell-You Earn

Sunday 14 May 2017

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The CEO of Shuang Hor Group says that Shuang Hor business is not only about making Money. That is very eye-opening because Shuang Hor is an MLM company which is profit-oriented. And the CEO of the company drives its direction. However, Shuang Hor's culture is very unique. Apart from Money, it offers it's partners these 5 philosophies:

1. Health - learn how to regain back or maintain your health.
2. Faith - with knowledge, you will have faith to consume the products.
3. Hope - when you are healthy, you will have hope of a future.
4. Success - with hope, you can strive towards your success.
5. Happiness - when you are successful, you will be happy.


Shuang Hor is an MLM business that can offer you this extraordinary feature that conventional business cannot:
You Use, You Save
This means that when you personally consume the products of Shuang Hor (Use), you will be able to buy it at cheaper prices (Save).
You Sell, You Earn
When you introduce Shuang Hor products to your friends (Sell), you will be rewarded with commission (Earn).


Shuang Hor has managed to maintain its product prices over the years despite inflation and the rising costs of raw materials. This is exceptional as compared to many other products and services in the market.
For example, the price of Jia Hor Soya Protein has remained unchanged at RM65 (excluding GST) over the past 30 years.
The price of Jia Hor Lingzhi has only increased from RM128 to RM141 (excluding GST) over a span of 30 years.


Products which can ideally be marketed using the MLM method must fulfil certain criteria:

(a) The usage of the products require follow-up or servicing e.g. people who consume Lingzhi will experience healing reactions and thus they need to be closely serviced for them to understand and continue taking the products. If the product doesn't need servicing, like buying shoes, MLM is not a good marketing strategy.

(b) The product must have sufficient profit margin. The value of the products must be high enough so that the profit earned can  be shared amongst all parties. If you are selling a mug, it does not justify selling through MLM.

(c) It must not be a me-too product. If the production doesn't require any special skills or technology and can be easily manufactured by anybody, it's not suitable to be sold through MLM.


If I seem pushy, please understand - it's because I have an important message to share with you. I have a voice that needs to be heard. I mean it with the most sincere of intention. I only say it because I truly believe my recommendation will benefit you.

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