Bits & Bites #169: Business - Don't Hold Back If You Believe You Are Doing Something Good

Sunday 9 April 2017

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Right Attitudes to adopt in doing Shuang Hor Business

1. We share because we want to offer a solution to the needs of our friends.
So, dare to share at every opportunity possible.
Dare to ask about their life, situation and condition.
Dare to offer a solution.

2. We share because we honestly believe our solution can help them.
Be honest - is what you are proposing really from your heart?

3. We are sincere in our sharing.
If we believe what we do is something good, we should not hold back.

4. Therefore, we should not be afraid of what others think of us.
Don't worry what are people's judgment. Sometimes people you least expect will accept / reject you. So, don't prejudge - give everyone a chance.
The key point of whether they accept is whether they have a need at the time of our offer - is the Timing right?


Seven Ingredients to Make It in Shuang Hor Business

You may not know how to do SH Business, but it is something you can learn. During this growth process, you must Change - meaning you push yourself to do something you are not comfortable doing. Adjustments come with pain and discomfort. Come to terms with that and be mentally prepared. Success will be yours.

1) Desire
Why do you want to make it in SH Business? Your dream must be compelling / burning. Your reasons must be intense and clear.

2) Absolute belief
Have absolute belief in Shuang Hor's products, education system, company and most importantly, Yourself. Believe that you Can do it, and you Deserve it. Don't short change yourself.

3) Correct mindset
You are a business owner, not simply a salesman. You are an entrepreneur. Take charge. Make things happen.
(a) I succeed not because of who I am today but because of what I am capable of in future.
(b) I am a leader because I am willing to follow first and I will eventually lead.

4) Embrace the modes of operation
The required activities are 1 on 1, Home Meetings and Attend Meetings. Don't pick and choose which you don't want to do or reinvent the wheel by doing something different.
Continuously take risks and invest in personal growth.
It is a win-win business - feel comfortable gaining when the other person gains from the solutions you offer.

5) Consistent effort
Consistency is more important than quantity. Consistency creates a Habit which then becomes You.
SH Business is based on the Law of Farm (sow before you reap) and Law of Gestation (everything takes time to grow/manifest).

6) Love people
SH Business is a 100% people business. If you don't get along with people, find out why. It could be some past bad experiences which give you the perception you have today. Work on yourself.
Success is not based on how many people you know today, but how many friends you make in the future.

7) Continuous personal growth / development
Invest in yourself, in all areas. Overcome your fears, strengthen your confidence.

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