Healing / Detox Reactions

Wednesday 30 September 2015

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Illnesses don't occur without a cause. The underlying cause (root cause) of the disease must be discovered so that it can be removed or treated. The symptoms are what usually bother us before we recover completely from a disease. These symptoms are often mistaken as the cause of the disease.

What is Healing Crisis / Healing Reaction?

Healing Reaction, also called Vertigo Reaction, is your body's attempt to heal / cleanse itself. 
You will go through a period of discomfort after taking Lingzhi / Ganoderma. It's normal to experience some uncomfortable signs and symptoms during this period of intense cleansing and rebuilding. In order for true healing to happen, it is always preceded by healing crisis.

Your body must go through this elimination process to achieve good health. You will experience a period of ups and downs, in the process of acquiring back good health.

When you start to take Lingzhi, we recommend that you take a 4-month course, in order to do a comprehensive cleansing and detox (as the lifespan of each red blood cell is about 120 days). If you have certain health condition, it is advisable to take another 4-month course, for your problem to stablise.

Taking drugs and medications may temporarily relieve your condition, but the symptoms will return, as you have not addressed the underlying cause of the disease. Drugs can't be taken long-term as they will damage your liver and kidney.

There are some people who do not encounter any symptoms. But after they start taking Lingzhi, the symptoms begin to appear. Why? 
Some of the symptoms may be hidden or suppressed, but by taking Lingzhi, it is able to 'dig' them out. 
In cases where the body cells are too weak, the symptoms can't be highlighted. But the cells are able to start responding after being strengthened by Lingzhi.

Here are some common Healing Reactions you may expect if you have these conditions or diseases:

1. Acidic body - tired, feel sleepy in daytime, dry mouth, frequent urination, feverish, aching body.
Many people who suffer from cancer show these symptoms before being diagnosed with cancer.

2. High blood pressure - heaviness in the head for 1-2 months, blood pressure level increase.

3. High cholesterol and triglyceride levels - stiff neck, body aching.
As Lingzhi is working to clear the blood clots or thrombus or fats along your blood vessels, you may get some aching feeling in your body. You can take Jia Hor Soya Protein (which contains lecithin) to help lessen the ache.

4. Sinusitis - nose bleeding, starchy mucus.
This happens as Lingzhi is clearing the blocked small capillaries in your nose.

5. Stroke patients - headache, stiff neck, numbness in hands and legs.

6. Poor blood circulation - dizziness, aching body, pain on the back of lower leg.

7. Heart attack patients - fast and irregular heartbeats, pain in the heart.

8. Hardening of arteries - dizziness, aching body.

9. Stomach ulcer - stomach ache.

10. Downward displacement of stomach - bloated tummy.

11. Colon problem - diarrhea, constipation.

12. Liver problem - vomit, dry mouth, mouth ulcers, GOT and GPT readings temporarily high.

13. Lung problem - cough more, more phlegm. 
Chain smokers will get very dark, sticky phelgm.

14. Cancer / tumor - tumor gets bigger for 3-6 months.
The reason is our body 'compacts' the poisonous tumor in an effort to ring fence it from spreading. When Lingzhi attacks the tumor, it will start to 'loosen'. Hence the checkup results will show it's become bigger. The size will reduce after 6 months or so.

15. Asthma - sufferers may get 1-2 asthma attacks as the healing reaction.

16. Bronchitis - dry mouth, vomit, dizziness, phlegm that's difficult to be coughed out.

17. Kidney problem - swelling in the face, hands and legs, pain in the small of the back.
May last a few weeks.

18. Kidney dialysis - skin and face turn darker color, itchiness on body. 
May last for 6 months.

19. Diabetes - blood pressure increase, blood sugar level increase, heartbeat higher, dizziness, swelling on hands and legs, stiff neck.
May last a few months.

20. Thyroid problem - heart palpitations, no energy in the hands and legs, can't sleep properly (may have nightmares).

21. Endometriosis / fibroids in womb - pain in the small of the back, swelling in gum, ulcer.
May take 1 month to recover.

22. Rheumatoid arthritis - joint and back pain, neck pain.
May take 6 months to recover.

23. Allergy - allergic condition will be more severe.
Start by taking Jia Hor Lingzhi and Jia Hor Soya Protein as the reactions will be milder and easier to handle due to its lower strength. The attacks will not be so severe. When your body has adapted, you may switch to Yung Kien Ganoderma.

Image source: http://joyousoasis.com/body-talk/#.VCKTZShmlUQ
Although the Healing Crisis may make you feel terrible, it is very important to have faith and continue. This is the time your body is healing itself and becoming stronger. Once your body has properly dealt with and removed the toxins from your system, you will feel better.

From our experience, not everyone with these conditions / diseases will experience all of these symptoms. A lot depends on your own genetic background, history and lifestyle. The key point to note is if you experience any of these Healing Reactions, it is a positive thing. Please don't worry. It's a normal healing process. The reactions are temporary and will subside as your body returns to health.

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