Bits & Bites #104 - Business: A Mindset Shift on Why I Do Shuang Hor Business

Sunday 30 August 2015

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Jarod & Rawlin
Shuang Hor's core strength is its Products.
But our strength is also our weakness. 
We always tell people Lingzhi is effective for heart problem, cancer, diabetes, stroke, delay ageing etc. 
We become so caught up in sharing products and taking care of our friends' health that we forget about the MLM part - where Shuang Hor is actually a Business that can give you Time Freedom & Passive Income
We need to do a Mindset Shift. 


This Return on Investment chart clearly shows the reason why I choose the MLM business model. 
The longer you persevere in this business, the Effort (green line) goes Down & Income (blue line) climbs Up, giving you Passive Income + Time Freedom


Regardless of what I say about how good Shuang Hor's business and products are - you still have to experience it yourself to know whether it is indeed so. That is the only way to truly know if Shuang Hor is something suitable for you.


Why would your friends join you in this business?
Because they believe they can get what they want by following you.
They see that Shuang Hor can help them get the things that's important or of value to them.
They believe You can lead them to somewhere good. They believe You are capable and have the ability to lead.
They believe Shuang Hor is something they can actually do.


When we offer Shuang Hor Business to people, it's because we sincerely believe this Business can help them. Because if our primary thought is how we can benefit from this business, people will see through our bad intentions. So, always:
Think Good Thoughts.
Say Good Words.
Do Good Things.
Village Roast Duck
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