Bits & Bites #103 - Business: Do You Know What Category of Money Do You Want?

Sunday 23 August 2015

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When you say you want to do Shuang Hor Business, do you really know Why?
When you say this business can give you Money, do you know specifically what category of money do you want?

1) Are you looking for Active Income? Meaning an income that will replace your current salary? When do you want that? Work out a plan so you know when you can achieve this same level of income doing Shuang Hor part-time so you can quit your job.

2) Are you looking for Extra Income? Have you thought about how much extra would you be happy with? When do you want to achieve it?

3) Are you looking for Passive Income? Do you have a long-term plan of how much is sufficient to keep you going so you don't have to work anymore?

Work out how much you need and then how to get it. So you won't do Shuang Hor Business casually but instead, see it as a Serious Business that can get you to where you want to go. Work out a Plan to achieve a 3-month goal, and then a 6-month goal. Know what to achieve everyday and what are the activities you must do everyday to achieve your goal. Your mind is always thinking about what to do to get you another step closer to your goals.


There are 2 ways people stay long in Shuang Hor Business:

a) They see Results. They may only be in the business for a short time but they earn a lot of income from the business already and they have a large group of friends who are taking the products.

b) The are in the System. They may not have mastered the skills or knowledge but they are patient. They keep attending meetings and so are able to keep their dreams intact. They won't give up so easily because they hear about similar challenges from others and find they are not alone. They surrender themselves willingly to their uplines and allow themselves to be guided and supported.


Shuang Hor's products are so effective and good that we tend to get so caught up in sharing with friends on how to take care of their Health. We forget that there is something more that Shuang Hor offers - a business opportunity to earn a lot of Money so you can have the Time freedom to enjoy your life and do what you want. So remember don't short-change your friends - tell them about Shuang Hor Business.


When you want to share with new friends about Shuang Hor products/business, Don't Overthink. Or else you will close up your mind and heart to listen to their real needs.
Listen and ask questions..
"Are you serious when you say you're looking for a Change?
What are the top criteria in your next job?
As you're in your 40s, you have to look for something that can give you more than just Money.
Can I share with you how Shuang Hor business has helped me to earn my Time freedom?"


Don't complain about GST, the government won't reverse it.
Don't complain about price increase, they won't reduce it.
Just focus on how to make more Money in a Sustainable way.
Shuang Hor Business is a very viable option - check it out yourself.

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