Bits & Bites #101 - Health: Cancer - Prevention vs. Treatment

Sunday 9 August 2015

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Statistics show that more and more money is being spent on healthcare, but chronic diseases still continue to increase.
Therefore, Medical advancement does Not equal Longer lifespan.
Medical treatment has its Risk.
Drugs prescribed by doctors has its Risk.
Hence, Prevention is Better than Cure/Treatment.


Cancer can be said to be a Symptom.
After you recover from cancer, if you still don't change your DietLifestyle and Emotions, the cancer will Relapse.


The best doctors are those who take care of your health Before you fall sick.
The second best doctors are those who treat your illness at infant / mild stage so it won't deteriorate to become more severe.
Unfortunately, their efforts are usually not recognised.
The only category of doctors who are recognised are those who treat you when you are already diagnosed with the disease e.g. those who operate and remove your cancerous tumour.


Statistics from WHO show that in the past, people were sick due to Malnutrition.
But Year 2000 was the turning point.
Since then, more deaths are caused by Excessive Nutrients v. Malnutrition.
People are more likely to die from over-eating, and eating too much meat or food that's too rich.


Formula on how to live longer - adopt a Low Fat Diet, preferably a Natural Plant-Based Diet.
Statistics show that such a diet can reduce the risk of cancer by 50-90% and heart attacks by 50-60%.
When one takes too much meat, the body pH level reduces by 0.2% i.e. become more acidic and the oxygen level in your body reduces by 69.4%. So one tends to feel more tired despite having many hours of sleep.

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