Bits & Bites #99 - Business: All Dreams Need These 3 Elements

Sunday 26 July 2015

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Naughty Nuri
Shuang Hor Business is a Win-Win Concept. The more people you help and teach, the more successful you will be. This is the Power of Duplication. When you have successfully built a strong and stable network, you will be able to:
i) multiply your income with lesser effort
ii) build a pipeline for passive income.


Everyone wants to be successful. Every success starts with a Dream. Whatever dream you aspire to achieve you need to have Money + Time + Health to realise it.
Shuang Hor is a genuine and viable opportunity to achieve your dream. It is an excellent vehicle to bring you to where you want to go.
I invite you to seriously explore this business.


Sell a Solution. Don't just sell a Product.
For instance, a friend who is suffering from knee pain for 5 years comes to you for help. You know that Vitaking collagen works. Don't ask your friend to just buy 1 box to try. Because with only 1 box, your friend may not see the results, or may feel more pain while going through the healing process. A practical Solution would be to suggest your friend buys a course comprising 10 boxes of Vitaking collagen, and consume 2 sachets each time, twice a day. Share some testimonies on how this Solution has worked for many people.


It's easy to start your journey in Shuang Hor business. Attend as many seminars as you can. Whenever you learn something new in a seminar/meeting, quickly share with your friends. You don't have to wait until you learn everything and become an expert before you start sharing.


If after examining carefully through all your options and you still believe Shuang Hor Business is the only business that can give you what you want in terms of personal growth, happiness, self satisfaction and leading a meaningful life, then Don't Quit when you embark on this business. Even though there're many challenges, learn how to Breakthrough and do the things you are required to do. Don't give up so easily. You Will Get There!

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Have an awesome day!