Symptoms on Your Body that Indicate Possible Health Problems

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Do you know that your whole body has a story to tell? Some physical symptoms that manifest on your body may actually be warning signs that certain of your body organs are not well or you're suffering from certain diseases.

When you meet friends and notice these symptoms, you may be doing them a favour by highlighting to them these signals so they can take the appropriate action before it's too late. However, it's important not to over-analyse and end up worrying unnecessarily. Just be mindful. If these symptoms persist, then you may like to have them checked out.

What are some of these Symptoms?

1. Puffy eyes, bloated body - kidney and heart problem. Drinking Luchun Lingzhi Tea can help alleviate the swelling.

2. Brownish urine colour - liver problem or hepatitis.

3. Ammonia taste in mouth - kidney problem. People who regularly have bad breathe have problems with the health of their stomach, liver or teeth.

4. Pale bottom-eyelid area - anaemia or lack of iron.

5. Grey rings around the iris - heart problem, hardening of arteries with potential of getting stroke.
Layer of blue around top of iris - high cholesterol. Other symptoms include the top of head feeling hot (burning sensation) when directly exposed under the sun, because of accumulation of lipids in the area. The person dozes off easily when seated.

6. Flushed face, reddish cheeks - high blood pressure, heart disease.

7. Nausea / vomiting - pregnant, chronic gastritis.

8. Painful eyes - fatigue, too much reading, glaucoma. If it is sharp pain, quickly taking 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 3-4 sachets Yung Kien Eye a day helps to prevent loss of vision caused by eye stroke or glaucoma.

9. Shaking hands - hyperthyroidism, Parkinson's disease.

10. Upper abdominal pain that stretches to right shoulder after eating fatty food - liver and gall bladder problem, or stones in said organs.

11. Very good appetite, hyperactivity, weight loss - hyperthyroidism.

12. No appetite, nausea on seeing greasy food, easily tired - hepatitis, liver problem.

13. Panting when climbing stairs, heart palpitation, tightness in chest - weak heart.

14. Swollen finger tips - lung problem.

15. Nails grow slowly, thickening, with yellow tips, not glossy - lymphatic system problem.

16. Extremely red palm - liver or hormonal problem.

17. Sweaty palm - thyroid abnormality.

18. Feel giddy easily - thyroid problem.

19. Hair loss - lack of nutrients, hormone imbalance.

20. Moles growing bigger or more - skin cancer.

21. Teeth grinding - teeth or heart problem.

22. Need to sleep on high pillow - heart / cardiac function problem.

23. Leg cramps - lack of calcium, hardening of arteries.

24. Yellowish colour on face - liver cell damage, bile duct blocked (bilirubin concentration in blood becomes higher), jaundice, acute hepatitis, gallstone, liver/pancreatic cancer, liver cirrhosis, hookworm disease (causing chronic haemorrhage).

25. Red/purplish ears - poor blood circulation.

26. Red cheeks - high blood pressure.

27. Face cyanosis (purplish colour) - hypoxia (lack of oxygen), pain in the heart and chest.

28. Nose tip turns red/purple - heart problem, high blood pressure, too much salty food, too much drinks.

29. Dark circles under eyes - kidney problem.

30. Face dull/gloomy - kidney overburdened.

31. Blackish color on face - weak kidney, adrenal gland imbalance, liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, chronic cardiorespiratory insufficiency.

32. Pale skin - lack of blood and Qi.

33. Left arm numb or feel "acidic" - heart problem.

34. Cramps in calf - calcium deficiency, liver problem.

35. Voice turns coarse, lost voice - kidney problem.

36. Migraine - spleen or stomach problem.

37. Cracked lips - anaemia, spleen problem.

38. Whitish tongue with a furry layer no matter how much it is scraped - immune system disorder, symptom of cancer.

39. Difficulty breathing after climbing 5 flights of stairs - weakened heart.

(Source: Extract from Shuang Hor seminar 2 and 9 February 2015, 31 July 2017)

Do you have any of these symptoms? Or do you notice any friends with these symptoms?
When they are recurring or have been troubling you a long time, please don't ignore them.

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