Bits & Bites #89 - Business: Successful Retailing and Servicing

Sunday 26 April 2015

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The biggest barrier that stop us from making new friends is what is going through our mind. We worry about - What would people think of us? What will they say? How will they feel?
We think too much and end up not taking any action. Remember that these are strangers and if they say No, they remain strangers. But if they say Yes, then we make a new friend. So there is no loss.


When you're doing Retailing, you must share with a sincere heart and truly believe in your products so you can talk with conviction. Otherwise, people can see through you. How do you build your own belief in the products? Start by consuming the products yourself. Do it seriously.


Secret to Successful Retailing:
Talk less. Listen more. This technique lets you get the info you want so you can engage with your friends and propose a suitable solution for them.


Know how to position your products in order for your friends to get the best benefits. As you promote your products, remind your consumers to also manage their lifestyle, diet and stress level. People will be more open to listen to what you suggest.


Why do you need to Service your customers?
So you can retain them as long as you can. Build their trust and confidence in you. In return, you will have a pool of loyal consumers that allow you to earn a stable income every month.


How do you build a group of loyal consumers?
Be mentally prepared and have the right attitude.
Dare to open your mouth and share what you have.
Be positive and sincere. Have an open heart and mind. Be trustworthy, caring and patient.
Let people make up their own mind after you have shared - that will make your retailing experience easier.


Educate and guide your consumers on how to eat the right way.
Share testimonies. If you don't have any testimonies, come to meetings to collect them. Call your uplines for help.

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