Bits & Bites #83 - Business: 4 Words That Can Change Your Life

Sunday 15 March 2015

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Le Scopitone
If a business can Change Your Life, do you think the business is serious and deserves your serious attention? Will you operate your business differently if it can give you a New Life?
Have you ever thought about "What Do I Want For My Life?"
Do you like a business that can give you what you want - be it more Money, more Time, good Health, Personal Development, more Friends, Family harmony, doing Charity or having Respect & Recognition?
What if I tell you Shuang Hor Business can give you all of these? Would you want to come and explore for yourself?


Don't just sell Products. Sell Solutions instead.
Listen to people's needs and offer them what they're looking for.
If they want to take care of their health, teach them how.
If they want to earn some extra income, show them how.


Shuang Hor Business is Simple. But it's Not Easy.
Why is it Simple?
1) Learn - acquire knowledge on Products, Presentation Skills and Leadership Skills.
2) Do - go out and meet and share with as many people as you can what you've learnt.

Why not Easy?
You're required to break away from your comfort zone. You have to Change.
You have to do these activities consistently.

What is the Motivation?
Go back to basics and ask yourself these questions again - What Do I Want? Can Shuang Hor Business give me what I want? If your answer is Yes, then just do it, don't think too much.


4 Words that can Change Your Life
1. LEARN - what you don't know may "kill" you. Shuang Hor is a Business that encourages you to keep on learning. This business offers an opportunity for you to keep on learning as long as you live - lifelong learning.

2. DO - put into practice what you have learnt. Give it your best effort. Go all the way.

3. STAY - see things through until you get the results. Don't quit too soon.

4. CARE - care enough to make a difference to yourself and your friends. Care about the results so you will put in the effort to see it through.


If your Business/Network is not growing, here's how you can analyse it:

1) Are you doing the activities? Do you go out and see people?
2) Are you doing sufficient activities to meet your goals? Do you see enough people?
3) Are your skills / knowledge good?
4) Do you have the right Attitude? Do you go with the right motivation? Offer solution if there's a need? Do it sincerely?
Don't end up thinking too much, worrying too much on what people will think about you, be pushy or assume people have financial problems etc.

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Have an awesome day!