Bits & Bites #82 - Business: 3 Advantages of Doing Shuang Hor Business

Sunday 8 March 2015

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This post is part of a weekly series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching.
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Q. When you're sharing about Shuang Hor products with friends, what would be your greatest fear?
A. That the products are not effective.
But if you keep coming to Shuang Hor seminars, you will hear for yourself many, many success stories testifying to the effectiveness of Shuang Hor products - to give you the confidence to share with your friends how to take care of their health using Shuang Hor products.


Why do you choose to do Shuang Hor, which is an MLM business?
1) Low capital - for as low as RM35, I can start this business. Hence the risk is very low.
2) Start immediately - I don't have to apply for business permit and approvals.
3) Do part-timely - I can earn extra income at my own flexible timing.


Do you know what you want in your Life?
If you don't, I urge you to come and explore if Shuang Hor can give you what you want in your Life.


MLM business is very different from your conventional business and your method of operation as an employee.
In order to be successful in Shuang Hor Business, you must be Willing to Change.
Not everyone can make it in Shuang Hor Business, unless they are willing to change.


If a business can give you Money + Time + Health simultaneously, meaning that by doing this business you will be able to earn a lot of Money, and have a lot of Time freedom to enjoy your money, and the business also takes care of your Health so you can enjoy your time and money - would you want to find out more about this business?
If I tell you Shuang Hor is the business that can give you Money + Time + Health simultaneously, would you be interested to come take a look?

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Have an awesome day!