Medicines v. Supplements v. Lingzhi - What's the Difference and Which One Should You Choose?

Wednesday 29 October 2014

As our society becomes more affluent and we amass greater knowledge and wealth, it is very common that we want to take care of our health in an attempt to live longer. Hence so many companies selling Supplements are thriving, trying to remedy the deficiencies in our diets.

Despite that, people nowadays are falling sick at a younger and younger age, very often contracting lifestyle diseases that they had hope their supplements will protect them from. Hence so many pharmaceutical companies selling Medicines and hospitals are flourishing.

What is happening?
The problem is, many people are not aware of the shortcomings of Medicines and Supplements.

Medicines fall in the Inferior category because of these factors:
  • For symptomatic treatment only.
  • Targeted and has immediate effect.
  • Unsafe and cannot be taken for long-term.
  • Cannot be taken in high volume.
  • Has many side effects. 

Supplements fall in the General category. They have these shortcomings:
  • Has a moderate effect.
  • Not necessarily safe if taken for long term.
  • Cannot be taken in high volume.
  • Mostly isolated nutrients serving single function (as opposed to complete nutrients giving multiple benefits).
  • Likely to contain synthetic substance in its ingredients.

Lingzhi falls in the Superior category because:
  • It's a food with medicinal power.
  • Can be used for preventive treatment.
  • No side effects and no toxins.
  • Safe and can be consumed for long-term.
  • Can be taken in high volume.
  • Gives immediate effects under high dose.
  • Retards ageing.
As such, Lingzhi is the best natural herb we know that has the ability to:
  • Regulate your immune system.
  • Improve your blood circulation.
  • Detox and improve your liver function.
  • Remove free radicals.
Don't want to take Medicines?
The Supplements you have been taking are not very effective?
Why don't you give Lingzhi a try?
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