Bits & Bites #58 - Success: Do you have any back-up plan?

Sunday 17 August 2014

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Organic Leaf
Get yourself ready first. Leaders attract Leaders
When the Teacher is ready, Students will appear.


When you want to achieve your Dreams, stay focused

Prioritise the business. 
Adopt the right attitude. 
Put in focused effort. 
You will definitely be rewarded.


"Casualness" in your Work leads to "Casualty" in your Life.
Don't be too serious in your Life (relax and laugh a little). 
But be serious in your Work, if you're serious about wanting to Succeed.


We hear a lot of people who say "I want to make it in my life."
Do you know what is this "it"?
If you want to live a life you design and be really successful in this life, you must Know What You Want. The first step is to set significant goals, and make them as specific as possible. Are you excited about your goals? Are you a little bit scared? It's ok - because a goal that doesn't scare you is something not worth achieving.


When you're successful in your Work, it doesn't mean you're successful in your Life.
Just because you're earning RM50,000 per month now, it doesn't mean you'll continue to earn so much money 6 months from now. You don't know how long it will last. Do you have any back-up plan?

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