The 4 Stages of Your Body Cells' Life

Friday 20 June 2014

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Your body comprises of more than 63 trillion cells. They are the basic building blocks for every single organ in your body - your hair, eyes, heart, stomach, reproductive organs, nails etc. The conditions of these cells will determine the health of your organs, and how healthy you are overall.

Every cell in your body is always in one of 4 stages - Healthy - Sick - Old - Dead.
Lingzhi / Ganoderma is very unique as it has the ability to play an important role at every single stage. This is because Lingzhi is multi-functional. Therefore, it can take care of your body cells in all the stages of their lives. It addresses the root cause (as oppose to the symptoms) of the problem and as such, is able to handle multiple health issues.

1. Healthy

Lingzhi eliminates toxins so the cells can live in a cleaner environment and can be even healthier and stronger.
Lingzhi protects the healthy cells so they can continue to perform their functions effectively.

For healthy cells, Lingzhi forms a protective membrane around the cells so that virus and bacteria won't be able to easily attack them. How it does this is by maintaining the immune system at a healthy level, so any kind of pathogens won't be able to destroy these healthy cells.

To handle dengue virus, why is it that taking Lingzhi is more effective than being put on a drip in the hospital?
Because if the immune system is able to be strengthened in a short span of time, it has the ability to kill the pathogens. The healthy platelet cells won't be damaged by the virus. In other words, when you take Lingzhi, you will find that your platelets won't drop further and instead, grow more new platelets.

2. Sick/Injured

Lingzhi repairs damaged cells as quickly as possible so you can recover from your sickness faster.
Lingzhi improves your body's natural healing ability which is important to help you recover from your injuries quickly.

For example, if worms have taken a bite out of an apple, Lingzhi helps to repair the injured cells, then proceed to do protection. Thus the repaired cells will not be damaged again.

3. Old

Lingzhi revitalises aged cells so they can have a longer lifespan and have more energy.
Lingzhi helps delay aging by ensuring each cell lives to its maximum lifespan and it has the ability to remove free radicals (antioxidants).

We want to make sure the old cells remain strong and not age prematurely. For example, the lifespan of healthy RBC is 120 days. Say a healthy RBC starts to show signs of ageing by 110 days. But if your body is not healthy, maybe by 60 days, the RBC starts to lose its ability to work. The main purpose of RBC is to carry oxygen and nutrients. If you have sufficient healthy RBC, they are able to do their job well. They have the ability to bring out toxins after the metabolism process. 

Some people feel energetic after taking Lingzhi. The reason is because the aged cells are revitalised, becoming healthier and can resume their functions. Their lives are prolonged. 

At the same time, Lingzhi takes care of the bone marrow (which produce blood), also making them healthier. So the new cells produced are of better quality and won't have premature ageing symptoms. That's why even though you don't have any health problem, we will recommend you to take a course of 120 days, so your RBC can benefit from a full cycle of care.

4. Dead

Lingzhi helps remove the dead cells from your body so the waste material don't clutter (and poison) up your body environment and to make way for the growth of new cells.
Lingzhi helps regenerates new cells and restores what is missing to keep your body constantly healthy.

Dead cells on the skin can be easily exfoliated. But how do you exfoliate dead cells if they are in the heart? Our body has its own way to eliminate these dead cells. It's crucial to get rid of them to give space for new cells to replace them. Unfortunately, when we lose the ability to get rid of dead cells, they accumulate in the body and occupy a lot of space. The analogy is if there are a lot of dead fish in your kitchen which are not thrown away, they stink up the house and attract rats and pests. This is the warm bed for mutated cells. The environment is conducive for cancer cells to multiply.

How Lingzhi helps to get rid of dead cells is by enhancing the liver function. Detox function is mainly done by the liver, and if the liver is strong, it helps our body recover its health. 

Don't delay anymore. Look for a simple solution to live a healthy life - take Lingzhi.
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