Bits & Bites #39 - Business: Do First Get Later

Sunday 16 March 2014

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Thinking is good. But thinking too much is not.
When you want to embark on Shuang Hor Business, stop yourself from all the "What if..?" thoughts.
"What if I can't do it?"
"What if I fail, what will people think of me?"
"What if the person rejects my offer?"
These thoughts are destructive, and block you from moving forward.
When you sit there thinking and hoping for something to happen - Nothing Will Happen until you Get Up and Take Action.


Keep on doing the Activities, the Results will come.
If you just sit and wait, nothing will ever happen.
The activities are easy. The hard part is to deal with your Inner Self.
Seek guidance from your uplines. They are always there to help you.


In Shuang Hor Business, many people say "If I See the Results, then I will go and do the Business."
Meaning if they see a lot of Money coming in, only then will they work hard and go all the way.
If you Do the Business first, then you get the Result.
Meaning first you have to put in the Hard Work, then you will get the Rewards.


Don't take rejections / failures too personally. 
Don't have too much emotions attached.
Just Do the activities, Reflect on your results, and if it doesn't work, try Another Way.
You will eventually hit on the Winning Formula.


If I could handle whatever I could handle in the corporate world, I should be able to handle Shuang Hor Business too.
The Way I do Shuang Hor Business determines how long I can Last.
Do it seriously, with passion and persistence.

Sierramas West
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