Liver Cancer - Risk Factors, Symptoms and Prevention Options

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Do you know that your liver is the largest internal organ in your body? It performs many, many important functions. If anything untoward happens to your liver, your life could be threatened - for instance, you can get Liver Cancer.

Risk Factors for Liver Cancer
  • Gender - Men are twice as likely as women to get liver cancer.
  • Family history.
  • Obesity and Diabetes.
  • Smoking and Alcohol.
  • Infection - Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C viruses increase your chances of developing liver cancer.
  • Cirrhosis - the most common causes of cirrhosis are hepatitis B and hepatitis C infection and heavy alcohol use.
  • Aflatoxin - this toxic substance is produced by certain fungi that are found in peanuts, corn and grains.
  • Iron storage disease (haemochromatosis) - this disease causes your body to store too much iron in your liver.
Symptoms of Liver Cancer

In the early stage liver cancer often does not cause symptoms. But when the cancer has grown larger, the symptoms include:
  • unexplained weight loss
  • lack of appetite
  • feeling full after a small meal
  • a lump or pain in the area of your liver
  • swollen abdomen
  • persistent stomach pain that extends to your back and shoulders
  • yellowish hue to your skin or jaundiced eyes.
How to Prevent Liver Cancer
  • Vaccinate yourself against hepatitis B virus.
  • Guard against hepatitis C virus by not having unprotected sex and sharing of contaminated needles.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol regularly.
  • Quit smoking. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of toxins which are absorbed by your body and make their way into your liver.
  • Get sufficient exercise.
Treatment Options

Liver cancer is curable in the early stages and only if the cancer patient is healthy enough to have surgery. If surgery is not a viable option (either due to age or health), then what can you do?

(Source: De-liver-ing good health, StarFit4Life, 7 July 2013)

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