Bits & Bites #29 - Health: Bee Pollen

Sunday 5 January 2014

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Nasi Lemak House
If you drink a lot of tea or coffee, you will face a higher risk of Magnesium Deficiency, as these beverages are diuretic. You must replenish with a natural source of magnesium which is safe and does not cause a danger of overdose - try Yung Kien Bee Pollen.


The difference between Natural and Synthetic Vitamins is like the difference You and your Image in the Mirror.
Synthetic vitamins may Look like the real thing, but it is Not.
It will cause your body harm if you consume for long-term.
Choose Yung Kien Bee Pollen for a complete and natural source of vitamins.


A lot of medicines deplete Vitamin B12 that's required by your body, including antibiotics, steroids, cholesterol-lowering medication, gout medication, cardiovascular medication and birth control pills.
Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to increase in heart disease risk.
Replenish your Vitamin B12 requirement with a safe and natural source - Yung Kien Bee Pollen.


Why is Yung Kien Bee Pollen a high quality pollen?

1. Source
It is extracted from plants in the Mediterranean region, where the quality of air is good and the environment is free from pollution.

2. Processing method
Unprocessed pollen tastes bitter, and contains dust, bacteria and allergen.
Yung Kien Pollen is processed using the Freeze Dry Technology. All the goodness inside each grain of pollen is preserved whilst the contaminants are removed. The grains are golden in color, fine, fragrant, sweet and melts in your mouth.
Pollen sold in tablet form are treated with heat, and use binders, fillers and preservatives. That's how they come out in evenly-shaped tablets. Long-term consumption may be harmful to you.

3. Certification
Yung Kien Pollen has been accorded the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Class A certification, which is an endorsement of its quality and safety.

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