Guest Blog Post: Just How Bad Is Your Takeaway?

Wednesday 25 September 2013

A study by the Benenden Healthcare Society revealed that an average Brit eats 46 takeaway dishes each year, which works out to around 2,453 in their lifetime. This shocking amount means we spend around £17,250 on takeaways. Not only is there a massive financial implication to this but also a massive health one. No takeaway is really good for you and the calories in a takeaway are often shockingly high. There are also deals available to encourage you to buy more items - side dishes, desserts and full fat drinks, and the offer to supersize is available on all takeaways.

Here are some shocking statistics:

A chicken burger – 659 calories
A “Big Mac” – 492 calories
A 12-inch meat pizza – 1,584 calories
One slice of garlic bread – 101 calories
Fish and chips – 838 calories
Chicken Korma – 599 calories

So, regardless of which option you choose, eating a takeaway once or twice a week will quickly lead to a dramatic weight gain.

Even for people who are already on a diet, it is often hard to resist a takeaway. It tastes nice, it is easy and quick but ultimately it overfills you and leaves you feeling sluggish and bloated.

The key to success on a diet is to choose a diet that allows you to still eat food that you feel is a treat or an indulgence, so you don’t feel limited or restricted and end up craving your favourite takeaway food. If a diet has recipes available that you can make quickly on a Friday night, that taste delicious, fill you up and don’t leave you feeling cheated then you are far more likely to succeed at losing weight.

A great diet that fulfils this brief is the Dukan Diet.  It follows a simple four-step plan that allows you to eat an unlimited amount of 100 safe foods including high protein and non starchy vegetables that can be used to make interesting and exciting recipes to keep you on track and away from temptation. The online coaching area of the website is packed full of inspiration and great recipe ideas, including some for takeaway favourites such as spicy beef burritos, stick Asian beef skewers and a creamy and indulgent egg korma.

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