Bits & Bites #16 - Business: Making Friends

Sunday 22 September 2013

This post is part of a weekly series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching.
And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed. 


Success is essentially a few Disciplines practiced on a Daily basis.


Change your Belief System about People
Don't think of strangers as unfriendly, hypocrites, judgmental or have negative motives.
Instead, try seeing them as sincere, kind, open-minded and you have something to offer as they are looking for betterment in life.


The act of always Smiling, saying Halo and finding something Positive to say to a Stranger will eventually mould you into a Better person.


Look for something good or positive in a person you just met - then pay a Sincere Compliment.
You will make the person's day; and also make a new Friend.


Be Genuinely interested in a person you just met - Ask Questions and be sincerely interested to know more about this new friend, instead of busy trying to impress the person with how wonderful you are.


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