How to Effectively Manage Diabetes Using Natural Method Without Changing Your Entire Lifestyle

Thursday 6 June 2013

Diabetes occurs when our pancreas (which produces insulin) is not working well, so it can't regulate our blood's glucose level, resulting in prolonged elevation of glucose levels in our blood.

Symptoms that you may have Diabetes:

In Malaysia, diabetes is the leading cause of stroke, heart disease, blindness, leg amputation and kidney failure. The first NHMS (National Health and Morbidity Survey) in 1986 reported a diabetes prevalence of 6.3% among adults aged below 30 years old. Now the prevalence has jumped to 20.8%. Even then, this figure is said to be dramatically under-reported. 

How to Manage Diabetes

Lifestyle changes including:
  • Exercising at least 30 minutes daily
  • Keeping an ideal weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Diet change
  • Stress management.
Generally, the average person has diabetes 10 years before diagnosis. Symptoms from diabetes usually come when the disease is much more advanced, making it harder to manage by just making lifestyle changes. 

Diabetic medications work to stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin and release glucose from the liver to provide energy. The problem with most diabetes medications is that it tends to cause Hypoglycaemia (where blood glucose drops to dangerous levels).

Characteristics of Hypoglycaemia:

This is a medical emergency as the patient can develop confusion, seizures or lose consciousness.

Diabetes requires a lifetime of care. Patients need to be constantly motivated to control their blood glucose level.

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An Alternative Solution?

Most diabetic patients find it difficult or don't want to change their lifestyles to manage this disease. Hence they end up having to take medications for their whole life. We know how damaging medications are for our whole body system, including liver and kidney.

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