Testimony 2: Gout Problem Cured Within 1 Year of Taking Lingzhi

Friday 15 February 2013

"Ganoderma Magazine" is a technical publication by the Microbiological Research Foundation of Taiwan. The magazine gives you more in-depth information on Lingzhi / Ganoderma research and its application on your body’s health. However, it is only available in Chinese language. Below is the English translation of a testimony on how Lingzhi has helped this young man manage his Gout problem.

A 27 year old man suddenly suffered from waist pain and could not get out of bed. He visited the TCM, doing acupuncture and tui-na massage for a few months, but did not observe much improvement. The pain seriously affected his daily routine and work. From a blood test, the doctor diagnosed him to have gout problem with uric acid 9.9mg/dL. He did not want to take the painkillers prescribed and therefore decided to take up his friend's proposal of consuming Lingzhi as his treatment.

Dosage: 6 to 8 Lingzhi + 12 to 16 Pollen daily, and refrain from alcohol

Vertigo/healing reaction for 1 month: extreme fatigue and tiredness

After 1 year, his uric acid dropped to 7mg/dL. This is within normal range and there is no more reoccurrence of gout.

Daily maintenance dosage: 3 to 6 Lingzhi + 6 to 12 Pollen daily
Yearly scanning program: 20 Lingzhi + 40 Pollen daily for 1 month

(Source: January 2011 issue of Ganoderma Magazine)

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