7 Simple Secrets to Achieve Radiant Youthful Complexion

Thursday 17 January 2013

"Wow, your skin looks so smooth."
"Your complexion is so glowing and beautiful."
"You never seem to age!"
Don't you love hearing such compliments?

The state of your beauty is laid bare for all to see - your Face.

Top of the world!

The new Aquasense Esssential Skincare is finally launched. It is a truly fantastic and wonderful range of products - easy to use and very effective results.

If the skincare products you're using now is good but costly, why not give Aquasense a try? They are amazingly value for money and yet still maintain very high quality. Here you go..

1. Makeup Remover

Doesn't use mineral oil (which is used by 90% of products in the market). Mineral oil is stable and is made of tiny molecules that dissolve your makeup easily. The disadvantage is it blocks your pores, hence the toxins, sweat and oil are more difficult to be eliminated from your skin.

Aquasense uses sunflower oil, olive oil and vegetal oil, which closely resemble your skin. The result is your skin feels very light and fresh after using it. It meets the purpose of deep cleansing (by removing the dirt from your skin) and yet it's very mild (doesn't irritate your eyes).

2. Amino Acid Cleanser

Amino acid is very difficult to handle as it melts at high temperature and freezes at low temperature.
Aquasense has the technology to create a cleanser that uses 100% amino acid and is stable. Amino acid is protein and is very similar to our skin texture. It cleans efficiently without causing a sense of tightness, dehydration or irritation to your eyes. It has natural moisture retention components.
Suitable for all ages, skin types or even skin damaged by steroid cream.

3. Exfoliating Cream

If you have a layer of dead skin, it doesn't matter how good is your skincare products, as your skin won't be able to absorb those nutrients. Aquasense uses pumpkin enzymes to "eat" up and get rid of the dead skin. The content is high enough to be effective, and yet very safe.
It has anti-allergy capability (passing the Irritation Test), can nourish and protect your skin and repairs the outer layer of your skin (reduce wrinkles).
Can be used on the dry or cracked skin on your elbows, knees and heels.

4. Hydrating Toner

A bacteria called pseudo alteromonas from the antarctic glacier is found to be excellent for wound healing, replenishment of moisture, lightening pigmentation and regulating oily skin.
Oily skin could mean it's dehydrated, resulting in outbursts of pimples and acne. This Toner has moisture protection function, and acts like a mask for calming and hydration effect.
It also stimulates the production of collagen to counter the formation of wrinkles.
Can be used on the cracked skin of your heels.

5. Total Renewal Cream

Uses 100% stem cells called criste marine off the coast of France. The stem cells are in life form and therefore, you can see improvement in 10 days. Gives long-lasting moisture retention, tones down pigmentation, reduces wrinkles, maintains skin elasticity, hence effectively retards ageing of your skin.
Some people have epidermis layers/dead skin that are very thick. When that layer is removed, the cream will be absorbed and results be seen.

6. Hydrating & Lifting Cream

Uses poly-peptides and hydrolyzed milk protein to increase the moisture retention capacity of your skin, promotes the production of collagens and smoothes out wrinkles.
Increases the content of ceramides (connective parts between 2 cells) thus resulting in firmer skin.
There is a noticeable reduction in wrinkle depth within 30 days.
Uses Molecular Distillation process to extract the sunflower oil, wheat germ oil etc and residues are thrown away. Aquasense is the only product that uses this technology. It protects your DNA, nourishes your skin and preserves skin resilience.
It doubles up as Eye Cream, and is effective in reducing crow's feet and wrinkles around your eyes.

7. Sun Block

50-60 years ago we didn't need sunblock. But now the ozone layer is depleted to a level where sunblock is essential to protect our skin. Sunblock is required even indoors.
Aquasense sunblock is sweat proof. Not oily and sticky - comfortable to use. Acts like tinted foundation base. Easy spreadability.
Uses Physical ultramicron sun-shield ingredients that's safe and mild. Capable to filter out both UVA and UVB rays for a more complete protection. It's safer than sunblock products made with chemical substances, which becomes inefficient when it is exposed to light thus needs continuous reapplication.
SPF35+++ means you can stay under the sun for 350 minutes. If SPF is too high, it gives a higher burden on your skin, so it's not a case of the higher, the better.
Safe to be used by children, but make sure to cleanse with makeup remover before shower.
Don't use too close to eye area.

General Benefits

The products are water-base - there's no "heavy" feeling after using.
Fragrance is from natural source and of high grade - doesn't cause sensitivity or irritation.
Preservatives used is safe - not harmful to your skin.

Mine, mine, mine!

Aquasense Essential Skincare is very value for money. You can feel the goodness and quality upon using. It is comparable to the high end brands from well known cosmetics companies but are competitively priced because:

1) Aquasense doesn't need to pay royalty fees to the R&D consultants who formulate the ingredients for the products.
2) Aquasense doesn't need to pay famous celebrity brand ambassadors to advertise for the products.

Aquasense is comparable or even superior to brands from beauty salons. You might not know the Quality, Purity and Safety of some beauty salon brands.

Wait no more..

Click on this link to register and then you can proceed with your order of Aquasense Essential Skincare.

I have been using them since they were launched and I find them to be very good.

Email me at askfuiping@gmail.com if you need help. I am an Authorised Distributor.