What Everyone Should Know About Steroids

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Steroids are chemical compounds that can occur naturally. They are present in our body and our body cannot function without them. These include:
  • sex hormones - estrogen, progesterone, testosterone
  • fight or flight hormone - cortisol
  • body building hormone - anabolic hormones
  • cholesterol etc.
Steroid creams are corticosteroids that are applied onto the skin, and sometimes used with other medications, i.e. antibiotics or antifungal creams.

Many types of skin diseases are due to inflammation, and steroid creams work by reducing this inflammation. This is achieved by altering the proteins and skin immune cells involved. This will reduce the redness and severity of the skin disease.

Side effects of steroid creams
  • Application on the skin may cause it to develop redness due to visible blood vessels, thinning of the skin or it may be more prone to bacterial infection.
  • Application around the eyes may cause cataract and glaucoma.
  • Long-term usage may lead to hormonal imbalance, central obesity, increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar level and osteoporosis.
Steroid creams should be used with extreme caution. The correct potency and formulation must be used depending on types of skin condition and areas of skin:
  • Weak steroid creams for areas with thin skin as absorption tends to be more i.e. face and folded areas like armpits and groins.
  • Strong steroid creams for very thick skin lesions on areas with thick skin i.e. sole of the feet, and for a limited period of time.
(Source: I'm on steroids? by Dr Irene Lee Chew Kek, StarFit4Life, 26 August 2012)

What alternative to steroids?

Lingzhi, also known as Ganoderma.
Lingzhi has the ability to regulate our immune system back to normal. It does this in a natural manner. There is no side effects from taking Lingzhi. Look under the section "Second Line Defence: T Cells" of this article for explanation on how it works,

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