Sinusitis Explained: Causes, Symptoms & Complications

Friday 2 March 2012

What are sinuses? They are hollow spaces in the skull located behind the nasal cavities and eyes. Under normal circumstances, mucous is able to drain out of these sinuses and air is able to circulate. When the sinus cavities around our nose is inflamed and swollen, this will interfere with the drainage, causing mucous build-up. This is called sinusitis.

Sinusitis is a common problem worldwide, and affects about 12.8% Malaysians.

Common Sinus Conditions
  • Acute sinusitis - sinus infection that lasts between 7 and 10 days. Most often caused by the common cold.
  • Chronic sinusitis - long term sinus inflammation lasting more than 12 weeks. Keeps recurring despite treatment.

Causes of Sinusitis

Symptoms of Sinusitis
If a common cold worsens after 5 to 7 days, one may suffer from acute sinusitis. Symptoms include:
  • bad breath or loss of sense of smell
  • cough, often worse at night
  • fatigue and generally not feeling well
  • fever
  • headache - pressure-like pain behind the eyes, toothache, facial tenderness
  • nasal congestion and discharge
  • sore throat and postnasal drip
Symptoms of chronic sinusitis are the same as above (no fever), but tend to be milder.

Complications Arising from Acute Sinusitis
  • It can trigger an asthmatic attack or it could flare into chronic sinusitis. 
  • It can occur with an ear infection.
  • It can cause reduced vision or even blindness.
  • It may cause infection of the brain. When the brain is infected by the invasion of anaerobic bacteria through the bones or blood vessels, it can cause abscesses, meningitis, and other life-threatening conditions.

How to Reduce the Risk of Getting Sinusitis
    • Avoid upper respiratory infections by minimizing contact with people who have colds.
    • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, especially before meals.
    • Carefully manage your allergies.
    • Avoid cigarette smoke and polluted air. 

    Source: StarFit4Life, When Sinuses Attack by Dr Kalpana Nayar, 1 January 2012

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