Erectile Dysfunction and How Lingzhi Helps

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Issues with our health can create other seemingly non-related health problems - like erectile dysfunction. This refers to the inability to sufficiently maintain an erection to have sex. Some of the causes include stress, tiredness, depression or relationship issues. Apart from mental and emotional issues, there are a number of physical causes for impotence.

Men with sexual problems of this nature include:
  • smokers
  • men with high cholesterol problems
  • men with high blood pressure problems
  • diabetics.
All these problems affect the inner lining of the arteries, which affect the flow of blood through the arteries that feed the male organ. If you have blockages there, it can interfere with the organ's function. Many men never suspect there is any correlation as they believe erectile dysfunction is simply something that happens as they get older.

Fortunately, there is good news. If you take care of these underlying health issues and be active, eat right and not smoke, you're more likely to benefit from a better function.

(Source: StarFit4Life, Love hurts! by Dr Ramin Manshadi, 22 January 2012)

Does Lingzhi Help?

Yes. Lingzhi or Ganoderma is proven to be very effective to treat the physical causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence as mentioned above. For scientific proof of its effectiveness, please check out the following articles:

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