Special Attributes and Benefits of Aquasense Amino Acid Cleanser

Monday 26 December 2011

Do you use facial cleanser to wash your face? What sort of facial cleanser do you use? Does it have all the attributes and benefits listed in this article? If not, you may want to consider giving Aquasense Amino Acid Cleanser a try. The exceptional attributes of Aquasense Amino Acid Cleanser are many, including:

1) High-purity amino acid-base surfactant
Using this cleanser greatly reduces the possibility of agitation and allergic reactions associated with the use of chemical additives. Why is amino acid-base surfactant a most important ingredient for facial cleanser? Click here to discover the reason.

2) Efficient cleansing actions
It is a cream of relatively hard texture, making it able to deliver maximized cleansing benefits with minimal amount used.

3) Luxurious and fine lather
This clenaser readily melts in water and gives luxurious and find lather. It is capable of reaching deep into our skin pores to carry away impurities and oil while refining the pores.

4) Remarkable moisture-retention ability
As amino acids share the same characteristics as collagen, they exhibit a powerful affinity for water. Hence they are able to readily combine with water molecules, giving remarkable moisture-retention results. When skin cells become adequately laden with moisture, they are less likely to produce excessive sebaceous secretion, thus discouraging the formation of oily patches on the skin.

Benefits of Aquasense Amino Acid Cleanser

1) It causes negligible agitation and allergic reactions to our skin. Hence it is very suitable for people with sensitive skin.

2) It is cost effective to use, as only a small amount is needed each time.

3) It gives us a clean and clear skin, as it refines our pores and discourages acne production.

4) There is  no sense of tightness and dehydration on our face after washing, as the amino acid-base has high affinity with water and therefore is able to retain the moisture on our skin.

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