Criste Marine: Plant Stem Cells That Delay Premature Aging

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Stem cells are biological cells that can divide into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells. A newborn baby has some 250,000 stem cells in his body. As he grows older, the stem cells either dwindle in number or gradually lose their innate vitality. However, the dermal stem cells residing in the bottom layer of the epidermis of our skin are capable of continuously producing new dermal cells, hence are the key to maintaining youthful skin.

Protecting and preserving the vitality of our dermal stem cells is all-important in retarding premature aging of our skin. When in excellent condition, dermal stem cells are capable of enabling skin rejuvenation and repair. More so, they play a crucial role in the renewal of damaged skin barrier at the cellular level. In other words, dermal stem cells are the key to keeping our skin hydrated and restoring its youthful radiance.

Plant stem cells are reputed as being a revolutionary anti-ageing active ingredient. Extensive clinical experiments have pointed to the finding that Criste Marine Stem Cells have a rich cache of the "essense of youth" that delays aging. Plant stem cell is in the active state of a plant's life. It can provide endless energy and skin repair capacity.

Criste Marine thrives on cliff tops along the coastlines of France. Since this unique type of sea algae sustains itself by absorbing nutrients from sea mist and high waves, it has developed a robust life system. It spends 12 hours submerged in seawater and the other 12 hours on the stones under the hot scorching sun. Criste Marine only grows during the springtime and has to be manually harvested. Its scarcity and special attributes have earned itself the reputation of being "the most precious skin-care ingredient of the 21st Century".

The skin repair benefits of the plant stem cells of Criste Marine are accredited to their strikingly powerful affinity to the human skin cells. In particular, they work wonders in:
  • Improving skin elasticity and radiance.
  • Promoting speedy wound healing.
  • Expediting dermal metabolism and repair functions.
  • Preserving structural integrity of skin lipids.
  • Reducing melanin (which causes freckles) formation.
  • Initiating various skin protection functions.
  • Retard ageing process.

Aquasense Total Renewal Cream is an amazing skincare product that is rich in stem cells cultured from Criste Marine.

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