How I Attain Beautiful and Glowing Skin

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Our skin is like a mirror that reflects our body's internal health. If our internal organs are diseased, even the best skin-care products will not give us beautiful skin. This is because unhealthy internal organs will affect the skin's ability in absorbing nutrients, reduces the rate of our metabolism and eventually resulting in the loss of our skin's elasticity and radiance.

With this in mind, I have tried and tested 2 products for over 2 years. Much to my pleasure, I have received numerous positive comments about my glowing, radiant complexion (which I feel is quite an achievement with each tick of the clock).

The first product is Jia Hor Soya ProteinEvery single cell in our body needs protein to perform optimally. In particular, protein plays a key role in the skin's metabolic activities, as well as the cell and tissue repair mechanism. Hence it is important to replenish our skin with quality protein to help slow down its aging process.

Jia Hor Soya Protein is the purest form of plant-based protein extracted from soybean and is reputed to be the best of all plant-based proteins. Each sachet provides an amount of protein equivalent to that of an egg or a glass of full-cream milk, but minus the fat and cholesterol. Its unique formulation can give our skin all of these:
  • Restores the moisture content in the skin and softens dehydrated skin.
  • Helps improve skin problems like eczema, dry elbows, scaly skin etc.
  • Helps reduce excessive fats in the blood vessels and soften the fatty deposits in the skin, especially around the eye area.
  • Delays premature aging of the skin.   
For more information on the functions and benefits of Jia Hor Soya Protein, please take a look at this article.

The second product is Yung Kien Pollen. Natural bee pollen has been consumed as a nutritional food for more than 2,000 years. It is universally recognized to be very rich in more than 200 types of vitamins (the B group vitamins in Yung Kien Pollen are many times more than those found in other pollen products), minerals, amino acids and active enzymes (which helps to increase the digestion and absorption of nutrients).

Here are some of the conditions that Yung Kien Pollen can address to maintain our physical beauty:
  • Dull complexion. When ladies diet excessively, they tend to have pale faces and dull complexion which are susceptible to wrinkles and pigmentation spots. The rutin and iron in pollen are capable of increasing the number of red blood cells, making our face look radiant, soft and moist.
  • Dermatitis. Pollen is therapeutic against many types of inflammation of the skin. In particular, it can rapidly heal allergic dermatitis common among children.
  • Dandruff, allergies to cosmetics and rough lips are skin problems caused by deficiencies of riboflavin, vitamin B6 and pyridoxin. These people will normally suffer from nervousness, insomnia, constipation and degeneration of the liver functions, all of which can be improved through the consumption of pollen.
  • Grey hair. Pollen contains sulphur, a natural substance that is essential for reducing the formation of grey hair and promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Brown spots, pigmentation, freckles and wrinkles. Pollen helps promote skin renewal by enabling the skin to efficiently get the oxygen supply and nutrients from other organs, thereby delaying the premature aging of the skin.
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Please email me at if you want to know how to consume to see the most benefits. On average, I take about 2 sachets of Jia Hor Soya Protein and 10 capsules of Yung Kien Pollen.
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