Breast Cancer: Some Fantasies and Myths

Tuesday 25 October 2011

This is a very difficult form of cancer to handle emotionally. It takes a lot of courage to seek support because it attacks the organ of our body that makes us female. There are many awareness campaigns to educate women and their loved ones to help them cope better.

Here, we explore some common myths about breast cancer, as sourced from consultant clinical oncologist and radiotherapist Dr Manivannan A. B., consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Liew Fah Onn, the United States National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. and the University of Michigan.

MYTH #1 :
Only women with a family history of breast cancer are at risk.
Over 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer do not have a family history of it.
Factors that increase your risk include:
- as you age
- your periods start before 12 years old
- your periods stop after 55 years old
- personal history of cancerous changes in your breast

MYTH #2 :
Wearing an under wire bra increases your risk of getting breast cancer.
There is no sufficient evidence to support this claim. The same goes for claims about deodorants and antiperspirants, and drinking from a plastic water bottle left in a hot car.

MYTH #3:
Breast cancer always comes in the form of a lump in the breast.
Early signs of breast cancer differs between individuals. The other signs include:
- swelling
- skin dimpling (a dimple in the breast)
- inverted nipple
- nipple discharge

MYTH #4 :
Herbal remedies and dietary supplements can help treat breast cancer.
Dr Manivannan is of the view there are no herbal remedies or dietary supplements that have been scientifically proven to treat breast cancer.

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Hence, Effective Prevention is absolutely crucial.

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