Lingzhi - Top 5 Benefits and How it Gives You Beauty and Health

Sunday 11 September 2011

What is so special about Lingzhi? What does it do for you? 

Read on - the Top 5 Benefits you will enjoy from Shuang Hor Lingzhi.

1) Lingzhi is a powerful detoxifier. it purifies our blood, reduces acidity in our body and protects our liver functions - basically "overhauls" our body.  If your body is heaty, you feel tired easily, get sore throat and have occasional constipation - take lingzhi.

2) Lingzhi is an adaptogen with a dual-modulating function. It has an overall normalising effect on our body e.g. on the one hand, it helps lower high blood pressure but on the other hand, it helps produce more red blood cells for people with anaemia (low blood pressure) - 2 directly opposite problems.  Another example: it alleviates hyperactive immune system which causes arthritis/eczema but fortifies weak immune system so you don't fall sick so easily.

Take skincare products for example - the cosmetics counter salespeople will always ask whether your skin type is oily or dry before suggesting which product to take, right? However, because of lingzhi's dual-modulating function, it doesnt matter whether your skin is dry or oily - you can use the same product because of lingzhi's regulating function. In other words, you never end up using the wrong product.

3) Lingzhi slows down ageing by eliminating free radicals and increasing our cells' oxygen intake when the toxins jamming up the cells have been eliminated - you look youthful for many more years. You'll only start developing wrinkles, sagging and dehydrated skin, crow's feet, fine lines etc at an older age.

4) Lingzhi is an enabler as it improves our body's overall immunity and defensive system so that we're not so vulnerable to common cold, H1N1 flu, cancer etc. This is very important for young kids whose immune systems are not so developed yet.

5) Lingzhi has a scanning function as it highlights hidden diseases that we're not aware of. We're then able to address these potential problems and nip them in the bud.

The great news is, lingzhi is perfectly safe and non-toxic as even little babies, elderly people and sick people can take it. Its quality is indisputable - there're plenty of evidence to support the claims on its abilities. 

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