Re-energize Your Life With Bee Pollen - Expert Research Findings

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Many of us would acknowledge that bee pollen is a wonderful natural health food. But, is it just a hearsay or is it backed up by the scientific community?

Here let me share with you some research findings from around the world, and from as far back as the mid-1900s on the health benefits of this natural wonder..

Research Finding 1

As a result of the findings of a French researcher in 1957, pollen is listed as a top-grade nutritive food.  It has the ability to take care of a multitude of our health problems and improve premature aging i.e. maintain our youthful looks and energy.

In 1960, a Swedish medical specialist finds that pollen could be used to treat chronic prostatitis with a very high rate of success. This is substantiated by Dr Saito from the Nagasaki Medical University.

Pollen plays a big role in strengthening our heart, protects our blood vessels and prevent bleeding.

US pollen expert Dr G.J. Benz says, "... long-term or excessive consumption of pollen will not bring about any side effect or bodily harm."

(Translated excerpt from Imperial Chinese Herbal Medicine & Pharmaceutical Outline, Volume 6, Health-care Chapter, page 497-499)

Research Finding 2

In 1951, Dr Chauvin and Dr Lenormand reported that pollen plays a key role in regulating the functions of our intestines and stomach as it contains natural antibiotics and growth promoting factors.

Research Finding 3

In the 1971 International Convention of Honeybee Medical Society held in Moscow, Dr Georgieva and Dr Vasilen reported the successful results of using bee pollen to treat stomach ulcers.

(Translated excerpt from Times Weekly, page 280)

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