5 Reasons Why Lingzhi is Special

Sunday 22 March 2020

Lingzhi is a natural healthfood. It is not a drug. Hence it can be consumed every day, without any side effects. It is a functional healthfood, which is different from nutritional supplements. We cannot substantially improve our health by merely taking supplements.

Natural food like rice, fish, veggie etc give us nutrients. But overconsumption of rice can give us diabetes and some veggies are laced with pesticides. This is what makes Lingzhi special.

Functional healthfood such as Lingzhi works for our body like a mechanic for a car. When you bring your car to the workshop, he repairs your car before it breaks down. Likewise, Lingzhi repairs our body before it breaks down.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi gives us so many health benefits that it would take a long time to detail them all. Here, let me share 5 key benefits.

1. Safe

What I mean by a Safe product is that we can eat it every day, eat for long term, eat for a lifetime. There is no side effects to our body. It can be taken by any one, including pregnant ladies and newly born babies, all the way till they reach old age.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi is cultivated in greenhouses and extracted using the Dual-Phase Extraction technology. Safety is guaranteed, unlike Lingzhi grown in the wild.

The dosage can range from 2 capsules up to 4, 12, 20 etc, depending on the needs of each person. A high dose is crucial to properly handle diseases like cancer or to prevent limb amputation due to diabetes. Consumption may be up to 1 or 2 bottles / day, but it is still very safe.

Lingzhi can be consumed by everyone, not only sick people. We are familiar with the saying Prevention is Better than Cure. Healthy people should take as maintenance. Sick people need it even more.

2. Blood Circulation System

Our body is packed full of blood vessels. We can see this because whichever part of the skin that is pricked, blood will ooze out. When the vessels are well connected, blood flow smoothly. A blockage in any part will impact on the circulation of our whole body. We will feel pain/numbness when there is blockage. When blood circulates smoothly, there will be no pain.

We tend to eat too much fats, oil, salt and sugar. This habit easily causes blockages to our blood vessels, and depending on which area is blocked, it can cause stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, haemorrhoids or even paralysis. Lingzhi has a component called Triterpenoid which can clear the blockages.

3. Immune System

Our immune system is very important to protect us against foreign invaders and it must be balanced. It is considered to be the best doctor in the world. But it cannot be too high or too low. If the immune system is too low, we can easily get a bacteria or virus infection, hepatitis or cancer. Lingzhi has the ability to strengthen it.

But the immune system should not be too high either because it can cause allergy which are triggered by food, medicine, temperature change or dust. An over-active immune system can cause auto-immune diseases such as SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis etc. It starts to attack your own body's tissues and cells. Doctors usually only administer steroids. But Lingzhi can perform the function of steroids without causing any side effects. Lingzhi helps to regulate it back to a normal level.

4. Body Cells

Our body is made up of more than 200 types of cells. The cells for hair, eyes, heart, liver, skin are all different. For example, our hair needs to be cut regularly, but our eyebrows don't need to, despite both being hair and are located only several inches apart. When the cells are healthy, our tissues and organs will be healthy, and we will have healthy body system.

Our cells can be divided into 4 categories:

(a) Healthy - the fact that we can perform our daily activities means that the majority of our body cells are healthy.

(b) Injured - smoking, drinking, unhealthy diet and sickness cause injury to our cells.

(c) Mutated cells - can be caused by the environment, food, lifestyle etc.

(d) Dead cells.
Lingzhi can help to:

(i) Get rid of free radicals and toxins from the body. During this process, you will find that your sweat or stools smell very bad.

(ii) Protect healthy cells and prolong their lifespan.

(iii) Repair injured cells and help them recover.

(iv) Get rid of mutated cells and shrink cancerous cells. Control these cells so they don't spread and disturb the healthy cells.

(v) Intensify the growth of new cells to replace the dead cells and delay ageing. The longer we consume Lingzhi, the better the results.

5. Liver Protection

Liver is the biggest and one of the most important internal organs. It performs many functions including detoxification, bile drainage, blood glucose regulation, blood circulation and filtration and also synthesis and storage of amino acids, vitamins, protein and fats. Our liver is easily damaged from prolonged practices of unhealthy lifestyle e.g. sleeping very late and bad dietary habits. These habits will harm and burden our liver over long term.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi has been scientifically proven to be very effective for liver diseases. A healthy liver gives us a "colourful" life. An unhealthy liver makes our life appear black and white. Lingzhi protects liver cells and reduces the damage to liver.

In summary..

Lingzhi can be taken for a multitude of different problems, including infertility, cancer, constipation etc. Some of you may wonder how can one product be taken for so many different conditions. It's because Lingzhi addresses at the root level (v. symptoms level) and gives these 5 key benefits:

a) Safe - everybody can eat as it is a functional health food.
b) Clears blockages in our entire blood circulation system, and is able to resolve a lot of pains and aches.
c) Regulate our immune system. Lingzhi complements western medication treatments.
d) Help body cells at all their different stages of life.
e) Protect liver.

Yung Kien Pollen

Lingzhi's role to our body is like a mechanic to a car - check and repair the organs and parts before they break down.
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