Dispelling Myths on Lingzhi, Pollen and Soya Protein

Sunday 23 February 2020

There are 3 products you can take to help your body keep a healthy biochemistry balance in order for it to function well - Lingzhi, Pollen and Protein. They are the most important fundamentals to keep your body regulated.

Lingzhi is excellent to balance the 3 major systems in our body - Nervous system, Endocrine system and Immune system. These 3 systems affect all the organs in our body. When Lingzhi regulates these 3 systems well, it improves the health of all the body organs.

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Here are some common misconceptions:


Myth 1 - Lingzhi is not for everyone
My children are too young. I am too sick and frail. Lingzhi is too heaty.

People who take Lingzhi and feel heaty basically means there's chronic inflammation all over their body and their body is too acidicLingzhi can effectively counter many types of inflammatory situation and thus provides an excellent single solution for many diseases.

Some people may have a heaty constitution on the upper half of the body and cool constitution in the lower half resulting in water retention. That can be due to blood circulation problem, which Lingzhi can effectively improve. 

Dosage is according to body mass. So even if a child is young, but he is heavy, he should be given a higher dose.

Myth 2 - Body will develop resistance against Lingzhi 
After taking Lingzhi for awhile, I don't feel the impact anymore and that's why I think it's time to change brand.

This usually applies to drugs, where it's called drug resistance. But Lingzhi, being a food, won't cause this type of resistance / impact.

After some time of taking Lingzhi, the body's health has been elevated and can do the job better. So if you don't do anything to bring the body's health to another level, it remains the same and hence you feel as if there is no difference. Reaction only happens when the systems cannot cope. For example, if you are not used to running, you will feel out of breath. But after you have trained up, your muscular and circulation systems can cope, there is no more reaction.

There is no need to change brand. Try increasing the dosage. When you push your body to another level of health and you will feel reactions again.

Further, health is relative. For instance, if you don't sleep for 1 week, your level of health drops. If you have the ability to regulate your system, you find that you recover very fast. The level of health keeps changing. If you know that you have been taxing your body using your organ reserves for too long, you need to do the right things (e.g. the right nutrients, rest, sunlight, water) and body will return back to health.

Myth 3 - Lingzhi is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), don't take it with drugs
People who are undergoing specific treatments like chemo are advised by doctors not to take TCM to prevent any interference.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi is food, and doesn't fall under the category of TCM. However, Lingzhi can enhance and help the body's ability to regulate and works as an adaptogen.

Myth 4 - Don't take Lingzhi when sick, take drugs instead

When the body's ability to clear up internally-created toxins is not efficient, it becomes a favourable ground for external pathogens to flourish. At times like this, your immune system needs even more help. Take more Lingzhi to enhance the body's ability to get rid of the disease.

Myth 5 - Why people still develop cancer after taking Lingzhi for many years

People don't suddenly get cancer. It forms over a long period of time and is affected by many reasons - food, hormones, mental stress, negative emotions, genetics. All theses factors that we cannot see affect the chemicals in the body.

Due to these weaknesses, cancer cells can express themselves more easily in some people despite just a small trigger. In such cases, Lingzhi can delay the onset of disease.

Myth 6 - Why people still die after taking Lingzhi

Dosage is very important. Further, Lingzhi cannot control how well the body works. It can just help to improve the body constitution. It is also important to have family support, love, religion and complement with exercise and alternative treatments etc.


1. Is Pollen allergenic? Why is there a warning on the label of pollen products?

From the mouth, there are 2 passages - the oesophagus and the trachea. When we eat, a muscle will cover the trachea so that the food won't accidentally go into the wrong passage. Likewise, if pollen goes into the wrong passage, it can agitate the immune system and trigger allergic reaction. It is more common for wind-pollinated pollens because when we breath, the muscle won't cover the trachea and hence the pollen gets into the lungs.

Pollen is packed full of nutrients. It's certainly true that some people are allergic to pollen, like some people can be allergic to water or sunlight. However, if the pollen were to enter into the right passage and goes into the stomach, pollen is a hypoallergenic substance. The body can recognise it as nutrients.

The label is a requirement by the government. For instance, some people suffer from hay fever and get acute reaction. Companies are required to have the label, as a normal practice, but they know their products are safe. 

2. How much pollen is optimum dosage

Take it according to your body weight. A box of Yung Kien Pollen contains about 75g of pollen. According to studies, 25g of pollen can keep a normal person healthy (10 sachets). However, for pregnant ladies or people whose body is under the bombardment of diseases that cause massive cell deaths, the person would need double the dose.

Soya Protein

Soya worsens oestrogen dominant condition
Doctors forbid patients who have this condition to take soya beans in case it affects their hormone balance.

Soya beans is a rich source of isoflavones, a class of phytoestrogens, and is similar to the oestrogen hormone.

An oestrogen dominant condition simply means the level of oestrogen is relatively higher than the level of progesterone. But in absolute terms, the person could actually be deficient in both these hormones. Hence if they don't take protein, it worsens their condition. In fact, Jia Hor Soya Protein contains flavonoids that help to supply the body with oestrogen when the body cannot produce. It will make the body condition less dry, and reduce the menopausal conditions.

Phytoestrogens are 100 times weaker than what the body produce. The dangerous one is the one found in petrochemical products (e.g. detergent, shampoo, fragrance, fertilisers) called xenoestrogens. They are 1,000 times stronger than what the body makes. 

Oestrogen is supposed to help stimulate the body to grow. Hence breast cancer patients avoid oestrogen as they think it promotes the growth of tissues. What we need is a weaker oestrogen to protect us from the strong oestrogens. There's a receptor in the cells where the oestrogen "sits on". When the seat is occupied by the weak oestrogen, the strong ones cannot park themselves there and trigger the tissues to grow. The excessive oestrogens go to the liver to be broken down. The process of breaking down the oestrogen needs a lot of protein amino acid to make the detox enzyme. 

Soya protein helps protect people with this issue. You should not take too much raw soya beans as they contain purines and fats. That is why we recommend Jia Hor Soya Protein.

(Source: Shuang Hor seminar 15 June 2019)

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