Bits & Bites #217 - Health: Qi Gong, Calcitriol, Painkiller, Cholesterol and Gout

Sunday 18 August 2019

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Qi gong exercise is good because it improves blood circulation and makes the body warmer. However, qi gong practitioners can fall sick if the toxins are stuck inside when the body is unable to push it out. Cholesterol or thrombi are inside the blood vessels and cannot be easily expelled if the body is weak. The skin pores may not be open so it is not easy to sweat it out. The toxins will continue to circulate inside the body. As such, it is advisable for qi gong practitioners to take Lingzhi at the same time because Lingzhi is the catalyst that helps our body purge out the toxins.


Vitamin D is needed to help our body absorb calcium. This is how it works:
Sunlight is needed to synthesise vitamin D. However, it is in non-active form. Our liver and kidney turns it into an active form. This active form of vitamin D is called Calcitriol, which is the form that can help with the absorption of calcium.
Increasing calcium level in the body is important to prevent osteoporosis and keeps the bones from becoming brittle. If it cannot be absorbed, then the calcium turns into stones, causing harm to the kidney.


When you are sick or in pain, you take antibiotics or painkiller drugs. You then feel better or you don't feel anymore pain. So you start to believe in these drugs. How many of you bother to find out what are the names of the drugs, how they work and what are the side effects? When you don't feel any pain, it doesn't mean the inflammation is not there anymore. Most of us only ask the doctor how many times to take in a day and whether to consume before or after meals. We are ignorant of the long-term harm to our liver and kidney that medicines will cause.


When your HDL cholesterol level is high, it is not necessarily a bad sign.
It means your blood vessels are clean, and
- It is easier for the blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to all the body organs.
- When the organs are healthy, they can fully absorb all the nutrients.
- The kidneys don't have to work so hard to filter out the waste materials.
- Your blood pressure is lower.
- You will have a longer life.


What do you do if you have Gout?
Firstly, stop your consumption of all the culprits like alcohol, peanuts, beans, tomato, brinjal and long beans.
Take Lingzhi together with Luchun Tea as the tea can help bring out the uric acid which is causing the joint pain. Complement with Vitaking as it works very well to calm down the inflammation. Mixing with warm water not only tastes good but is effective.

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