Bits & Bites #215 - Testimonies: Hip Fracture, Sprained Ankle, Muscle Pain and Toothache

Sunday 5 May 2019

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Testimony: Hip Fracture

Ms A's mother-in-law had a fall end Oct 2017, when she was 79 years old. She has been taking high blood pressure and high cholesterol medication for a long time. During the day she was not feeling so well, and had a bit of giddiness. That night, she miss-stepped, fell backward and hit her head on the floor. The family took her for an x-ray and the orthopedic said she had a hairline fracture on the left side of her pelvic bone and a little swell on her head. There was no concussion even though she felt a lot of pain.

As it was at night, there was nothing much the doctor could do. She was only given painkiller. As she had been on long-term high blood pressure medication, her blood pressure shot up during the incident to 180 over 100. The doctor gave her some injection to control the blood pressure. Fortunately, she was able to be discharged to rest at home on the night of the incident.

She couldn't walk and stand, and was in a lot of pain. The painkiller in fact was not enough to give her the relief. For the first week, she was fed 1 capsule Yung Kien Ganoderma2 + 4 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 2 sachets Vitaking each time, twice a day. She took this dose for one week. She couldn't take her bath and couldn't sleep well.
Healing reaction: indigestion, heartburn, diarrhoea and felt very tired (but couldn't sleep). Her frequent trips to the toilet is good as it helps flush the inflammation out of her body.

On week 2, she reduced the dose to 3 YK1 + 1 Vitaking (whereby the YK is diluted in Vitaking as she had difficulty swallowing capsules) + 3 Lactoberry + Jia Hor Calcium each time, twice a day.
She still had similar healing reactions but the severity was reduced. She could sleep longer at night and the pain was more bearable.

On week 3, she adjusted the dosage further to 1 YK1 once a day and 1 Vitaking + 3 Lactoberry + 1 sachet Yung Kien Pollen + 2 capsules Jia Hor Calcium each time, twice a day.
Healing reaction: a lot of phlegm. She could walk with a cane and the pain was much more bearable.

On week 4, she was able to stand longer.

The orthopedic said she would need 100 days to recover from the hairline fracture. But her healing was very fast. She recovered within 2 months. By Christmas, she was able to stand, cook, bathe and do the normal activities. She was very happy that the discomfort was only for a short period of time. The Shuang Hor products not only managed her physical pain, but also helped her emotionally in that it gave her hope that she would be able to get better and walk normally again.

Her maintenance dosage is 1 capsule Jia Hor Lingzhi + 1 sachet Yung Kien Pollen + 1 Vitaking and + 2 Jia Hor Calcium a day.


Testimony: Sprained Ankle

One Sunday afternoon, I was in the gym doing an aerobics class called Body Step. It involves stepping up and down a board. I missed a step, tripped, lost my balance and fell. I sprained my right ankle. I immediately felt a sharp pain but I decided to finish the workout. The pain seemed to subside so I bravely went to do grocery shopping. I was limping a little but could still walk.
When I got home the pain felt a little worse so I took 1 sachet Vitaking mixed in warm water. The sprained area felt a bit warm and swollen but still not too bad. But about an hour after dinner, the pain got so bad that I couldn't put any weight on it. I could barely move. I had to walk on my toes as it puts less pressure on the ankle.  It was horribly painful. I hobbled to the kitchen, holding onto the stairs and wall, to take another sachet of Vitaking + 6 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 8 capsules Yung Kien Pollen. Then I went to shower and slept early.
The next morning, when I woke up, the pain was still there but had subsided substantially. I took another sachet Vitaking + 4 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 8 capsules Yung Kien Pollen. Towards later part of the morning, the pain had reduced so much that I could go to Midvalley to do my banking and then met my friend for coffee.


Testimony: Muscle Pain

One day, Mr P's uncle suddenly could not walk. The muscles on his thigh above the knee was suddenly very painful. He could not support his weight and fell down. Mr P brought him to Assunta Hospital for checkup and x-ray. The doctor removed the fluid from his joint. But the pain was still there. The doctor gave him analgesics. It was still painful after taking the painkiller. Mr P suggested that he takes 4 sachets Vitaking mixed in warm water each time, twice a day.  When he woke up the next morning, the pain had reduced by 90%. He took another 4 sachets Vitaking just to be sure.


Testimony: Unexplained Back Muscle Pain

Ms LB hurt the muscle on her back one night. It was so painful that she couldn't drive, couldn't walk properly and could only sleep straight. She couldn't sleep until 2 am. Before going to sleep, she took 1 Vitaking + 6 capsules Jia Hor Lingzhi + 5 capsules Yung Kien Pollen. Then she could sleep until 7 am. She didn't go out the whole day. She took 5 capsules Yung Kien Pollen each time, 6 times a day. She felt the difference at the end of the day, even though it was still painful.
On the 2nd day, she continued to take 1 Vitaking in the morning and another 1 Vitaking at night. She could move normally after that. Even her sister was surprised that she recovered so quickly.


Testimony: Toothache

Ms G's cousin, mid-30s, went to see a dentist. He said that she needed to do a root canal. After the procedure, she went home. One day when she was eating, she felt a sharp pain. She took painkiller. It helped but at night the pain returned. Instead of taking painkiller again, she took 3 capsules Jia Hor Lingzhi. After a while, there was no more pain so she did not need to take any painkiller. She was very happy. Over the next 4 days, when the pain returned at night, she would take 3 Jia Hor Lingzhi and the pain would subside. She was very grateful she found an alternative solution to handle her problem instead of taking painkiller.

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