5 Commonly Asked Questions About Lingzhi

Sunday 19 May 2019

Today I like to share with you 5 questions that people frequently ask when they start to take Lingzhi.

Question 1
There has not been any observable results following my consumption of Lingzhi. Why is it so?

This could be due to insufficient period or dosage of consumption. Based on research works with a total volume of over 60,000 pages, the extensive health-giving benefits of Lingzhi are proven. The reasons why some people experience marked improvement and others don't see any healing result are due to 2 crucial factors:
(a) the composition of the Lingzhi species that is consumed.
(b) the consumption dosage.

As we all differ in respect of our physical constitution, age, living habits and dietary preference, we are vulnerable to varying symptoms with differing degree of severity. To see results, we must know how to select Lingzhi products formulated using efficacious species and consume the appropriate dosage on a regular basis. By so doing, it allows Lingzhi to first help modulate our physiological functions, and we will experience healing results after a period of consumption.

Question 2
Why is it that I should increase the consumption dosage of Lingzhi when feeling unwell?

This is to help speed up efficient recovery of our condition. Studies using animals as subjects have shown that the higher dosage gives better results of survival and recovery. The higher the consumption of Lingzhi, the speedier it would be in repairing the damage done. Lingzhi is safe for consumption and free from toxicity. Lingzhi that is consumed over several separate intakes help preserve a constant concentration of the effective constituents of Lingzhi in the blood, which is the key to attaining a greater improvement in mitigating the symptoms concerned.

Question 3
Some people experience discomfort right after the consumption of Lingzhi. Why is it so?

This is because Lingzhi works to modulate the physiological functions of our entire body system - a manifestation of what we call "healing reaction". The free radicals and toxins in our body caused by modern living, stress and a change in our dietary habits build up at a rate far greater than their elimination out of the body system. This brings about an increasingly damaging impact to the body cells and onset of chronic inflammations, which will in turn trigger the cropping up of an endless list of diseases. Lingzhi is capable to induce the surfacing of an underlying health problem via its modulating actions, which serves to awaken the body to make adjustments and stimulate a series of chain reactions to reverse the pathological lesions. Nevertheless, the discomforts or pain are temporary and will naturally disappear with continued consumption.

Question 4 
What is meant by a "healing reaction"?

Following the consumption of Lingzhi, our body may begin to show an initial bout of discomfort or pains, a condition known as "healing reaction". With the elevation of the body's self-healing power, the metabolic wastes, germs, and damaged cells in our body and blood will be progressively eliminated together with phlegm, perspiration, urine, stools, pus and various forms of metabolic and endocrine secretions. This healing process will keep repeating itself until the body completes the modulation of recovery. As such a healing reaction is not an adverse effect. Healing reactions differ from one individual to another depending on the amount of consumption, age, physical constitution, symptoms and health condition.

Question 5
Which is better - wild Lingzhi or cultivated Lingzhi?

The cultivated Linghzi is definitely far more superior.
Wild Lingzhi is known to often exhibit unstable quality and an uncertain level of efficacy due to the enormous fluctuating factors in the natural growth environment.
Cultivated Lingzhi is grown under a stable and stringently controlled greenhouse environment which ensures each and every batch of its yield is equally efficacious.

(Source: Shuang Hor magazine, Jul-Aug 2017)

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