Bits & Bites #214 - Health: Digestive System and Shampoo

Sunday 21 April 2019

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Jeff Kitchen
Cancer of the pancreas, duodenum and gallbladder are usually difficult to detect. It tends to spread to other organs very quickly. It is also hard to treat. People with higher risks of getting this cancer include:
  • those who like to eat canned-food, fast food, processed food, BBQ stuff and instant noodles
  • heavy smokers
  • long-term diabetes patients
  • obese people.
Patients with these types of cancer have difficulty retaining what they eat and hence, it would be difficult for them to take Lingzhi as their solution. The tumour could have blocked their bile duct and hence makes it difficult for them to digest when their ability to produce enzymes is compromised.  They tend to throw up or their stomach gets so painfully bloated that they cannot swallow many capsules of Lingzhi.


People who eat a lot and look thin don't necessarily mean they are healthy. If their digestive tract is not healthy, they cannot properly digest the food they eat, which means the food cannot be broken down into smaller molecules which can be absorbed and utilised by their body. This will result in nutrient deficiency and poor health in the long-term.


When the small intestines is unhealthy, its ability to absorb food that are already digested is compromised. Poor food absorption in the small intestines can cause 2 problems:
(a) bloated stomach
(b) watery stools

From the TCM point of view, those with a weak heart will also have a weak small intestines. They are along the same meridian line. If one has heart problems, he has to also tackle the health of the small intestines at the same time. Vice versa, when the small intestines is healthy, then the heart will also be good.

Take more Yung Kien Pollen as it contains more than 96 types of enzymes and coenzymes, which are important for food digestion.


If you frequently get indigestion problem, take more Yung Kien Pollen. It contains a lot of enzymes and coenzymes that help break down the food you eat and speed up the process. When the food can be digested faster, you will have less stomach bloating problem.
However, if your stomach discomfort is due to the presence of too much bad bacteria in your colon and intestines, then take more Lactoberry. By introducing a lot of probiotics, you can push out the bad bacteria.


Does your Shampoo or Conditioner contain Dimethicone?

Dimethicone is intended to soften our hair, as this synthetic compound is capable of filling up the chaff scales of our hair, making them smooth and more manageable. So it gives the impression that the shampoo or conditioner has helped improve the hair texture. However, this is a delusion.

Dimethicone does not dissolve in water and hence cannot be completely washed away through shampooing. When layer upon layer of Dimethocone build up over time, they cause hair shafts to thicken, leading to:
- loss of hair resilience
- clogged papilla
- suffocating hair follicles
- scalp problems such as sensitivity and irritation
- hair thinning and hair loss.

As the Vcare Hair Care products do not contain Dimethicone, they work to make our hair silky smooth and healthy in the most natural manner without incurring any stress or burden to the hair.

(Source: Shuang Hor magazine, Apr-Jun 2018)

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