Bits & Bites #202 - Business: What Shuang Hor President Says

Sunday 8 April 2018

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Shuang Hor's values and culture is what attract people to take a look at Shuang Hor business. Shuang Hor has a caring, family culture, which many other companies try to emulate but fail, because the bosses are too focused on profit. Shuang Hor has 5 main beliefs which constitute the core values of the business, wherein the business offers Health, Faith, Hope, Success and Happiness. We all must continue to uphold and cultivate caringness, sincerity and humanity while doing this business, or else the whole culture will collapse.


Educate your friends that there are alternative solutions to achieving good health - not only through doctors and medicines.  Prevention is the only sustainable way to lead a quality, long life.


The value of Shuang Hor business is not only on profits, but to grow each individual's body, mind and soul.  Shuang Hor creates a safe environment which helps people to overcome their crisis. This company has been in existence for 30 years. It is still holding strong to the family culture to unite strangers as a family. It helps us develop our own self-confidence. Our own 100% belief in the company and products can convince skeptics to follow us.


The President of Shuang Hor says when doing the business, use your sincere heart and focus outward to help as many people as possible. Help them sincerely, as how you are taught to do in your religion. Get rid of negative attitudes such as discrimination, judgment or comparison.


As Shuang Hor business is a duplicable business, there is no limit on your success. Go ahead and set your goals. Then use a pure heart to work the business. If you use kindness to do Shuang Hor, you will also attract many similar people. If you don't have a judging attitude, you will have lesser arguments. People like you and want to be with you. Your attitude determines your success.


Lead by example. Your network will start to grow. You continue duplicating. You will see a chain effect. Your positive attitude influences many, many people. The seeds you sow grow into big trees and the roots become stronger, bigger and deeper. That is when you really reap the rewards of your hard work.


In doing this business, look at the big picture when you are facing challenges. Don't be too caught up with one or two small obstacles and be defeated by them. Your network is already so big and you are helping so many people, so don't be discouraged by just 1 negative person in the network.


When you have a big heart, you cultivate many good deeds and you will have a lot of merits. Rich people with bad attitude and questionable value system still lose out in the long run.


Shuang Hor never hire professional speakers for all its seminars. So on some days we may encounter speakers who are not so polished. However, we should cultivate the right attitude i.e. to focus on the message rather than criticise the speakers. Even if you can learn just 1 or 2 points, it is already worth your time invested going for the meetings.

(Source: Shuang Hor seminar by Mr Hsieh, 27 October 2017)

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