Bits & Bites #188 - Health: Coffee and Lingzhi and Understanding What Your Body Needs

Sunday 29 October 2017

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Each sachet of CEO Cafe Coffee contains 100 mg of Yung Kien Ganoderma. Some friends with real financial considerations but no major health issues drink this coffee instead of consuming Lingzhi.

These are some benefits of CEO Cafe Coffee:

(a) Prevents dementia due to its ability to stimulate the nerves in our brains.
(b) Contains good quality caffeine which can soften stones and helps you feel more alert.
(c) Its diuretic nature can bring out excessive stones and calcium, thereby preventing calcium calcification which can cause gout problem.
(d) Prevent strokes.
(e) Stimulate blood flow.
(f) Helpful for people with type 2 diabetes and cholesterol problem, by clearing the thrombi.
(g) Help stimulate the peristalsis movement and smoothen bowel movement.

Trivia: Phosphorus is the ingredient that makes coffee taste smoother and thicker. If the phosphorus content in the coffee is less than 5%, it will not taste nice because it becomes too diluted and watery.


Lingzhi performs 4 actions for our body:

1) Cleansing - digging out and getting rid what should not be in the body.
2) Detoxification - flushing out of the body toxins and waste materials.
3) Regulation - balance whatever is too high or too low e.g. immune system, hormone level, blood pressure, blood sugar.
4) Enhancing - strengthen whatever functions or organs that are weak.


In the market, there are many products which are sold to promote "boosting capability" of our immune system.
However, Modulation is more important. The immune system is not something we need to boost all the time, or it might become overactive and cause all sorts of allergy problem. The Triterpenoid component in Lingzhi is the one that helps to modulate our immune system so it is at an optimal balance.


Every organ in our body co-exists together. Unlike a car - if the tyre punctures, we can just change the tyre without affecting the car's engine. But in our body, everything works inter-dependently. Whatever ailment that affects one body organ will have an impact on other body organs. So the best way to bring our body back to health is by doing it holistically.
As Lingzhi addresses the root cause of our ailments instead of just the symptoms, taking Lingzhi over long-term can give you holistic health.


Medication for diabetes is not the same as medication for high blood pressure, which is also not the same as medication for gastric, migraine and asthma. It is not uncommon for an individual to be suffering from all these problems at the same time. Excessive or wrong use of medications will cause harm to the body. Even the correct use of medication can cause side effects, and if taken over many years, will harm the liver, kidney and heart.
What is your alternative?
Try Lingzhi instead. Because Lingzhi can address all the problems mentioned above. And at the same time it is very safe and has no side effects.

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