Bits & Bites #179 - Business: Why You Must Take Lingzhi if You are the Sole Breadwinner

Sunday 16 July 2017

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Huen Phen
When you buy my products, it's my responsibility to give you proper service. Unlike some people who will ignore you after you have paid them money for their products. I truly want you to benefit from it. So when I call you or want to see you, don't misunderstand that I want you to buy some more. My call to you is to find out how you are doing and to give you more knowledge and education on how to use my products.


A good teacher is not someone who only gives you knowledge. More importantly, he must know how to point the way. A coach may not be the best at the game, but he knows how to inspire people and to  bring out the best in them. So don't feel pressured that you must be the best when you are guiding / teaching people. As we teach freely, we also grow and improve ourselves.


If you are the sole breadwinner of your family and you are sick, you must take Lingzhi. Even if you have to mortgage your house to do so. This is because your whole family relies on you to take care of them. You must take care of your health. If not, you won't be able to work. Do Shuang Hor Business as it can help you earn more money and at the same time treat yourself. When you recover, you have an opportunity to make back the money.


Why do I choose to do Shuang Hor Business?
Because I am tired of corporate life. I don't want to pander to unreasonable bosses and clients anymore. I want to take back control of my time. Shuang Hor Business can help me fulfil my role as a daughter better in terms of taking care of my parents' health and spending more time with them as they grow older.
When I was in the corporate world, there was a certain pride and sense of achievement when I accomplished my tasks and my boss recognised that I did well. It proved to me that I can do and build something. But this feeling is only attached to that particular position and that company. It is impermanent. It is not really mine. The moment I resign or I get retrenched, I will immediately lose all that.
Shuang Hor Business is different. This business gives me a sense of self. It gives me a purpose in life. Whatever I build will always be mine. It is my legacy.
The reason why I want to do well in Shuang Hor is for myself, not anyone else. When I do well in this business for my own self, I believe the rest of the things in life that I want will automatically fall into place.

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