Bits & Bites #177 - Business: Some Food For Thought on Shuang Hor Business

Sunday 25 June 2017

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Plaza Damas
When you have joy in doing Shuang Hor business, and you are enjoying the journey everyday, you carry the happiness of doing Shuang Hor - people can see it and they want to follow you.
If you have low confidence, you need others' validation of your actions. Instead, when you truly embrace and understand what Shuang Hor can give you, you radiate confidence and what others say won't sway you.


I understand that you have a negative feeling about MLM. I also did, honestly. I have been to a few other MLM seminars and I felt they kept pushing people to buy products. However, I find the environment in Shuang Hor is very different. There are no tables at the back of the room with forms for you to sign after the meeting. They don't stop you from coming or leaving as you please. There is nobody standing on chairs loudly giving you motivational talks. The environment is low key, steady and quiet. I am very comfortable with such an environment.


Shuang Hor meetings educate us to know how to choose quality products e.g. after attending a talk, you will know how to select high quality probiotics, instead of only relying on what your doctor says. Now you can help your friends make more informed decisions. If your friends are curious and want to know where did you get this knowledge from, you can invite them to similar talks to learn more.


If you can't make it to this meeting, we have another meeting next Saturday.
If you are interested, I will remind you next week.
If you still can't make it, it is ok. However, I strongly recommend you to come because it is a rare occasion that Shuang Hor organises certain meetings. You should really come take a look.


You may find that Shuang Hor's meetings can get a bit boring.
However, think of it this way - if you're all hyped up after a meeting, it may lead you to make impulsive or wrong decisions. In Shuang Hor, because the meetings are calm and steady, they encourage you to make the right decisions.


Should you think the meeting venue is very far, put your thought into the right context.
What are your objectives?
If it's to seriously find out if Shuang Hor is an opportunity that can change your life, it is not far.
If it's to seriously learn and pick up all the knowledge on how to run the business in order to achieve what you want, it is not far.
Afterall, you are willing to spend thousands of dollars to travel to Europe just for a holiday.
When the Heart says Yes, anywhere is near.

La Cocina
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