Bits & Bites #170 - Health: Tips for Fever, Difficulty Conceiving, Healing Reactions and Blood Thinner v. Blood Cleanser

Sunday 23 April 2017

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Plan B
If you're suffering from High Fever, try this:

Remove Shuang Hor Lingzhi powder from the capsule and mix with warm water and sea salt. Apply the paste on your belly button. At the same time, put the Lingzhi powder under your tongue area and so that it is directly absorbed into your body system.


If a couple has Difficulty Conceiving, consider this:

- Do both husband and wife work in a stressful environment? If yes, their acidic body constitution make it more difficult to conceive. They should try to calm down and manage their stress. Otherwise, even if they manage to conceive, the baby won't be so healthy.
- Is the wife's vaginal discharge and menstruation pattern normal?
- If all appears normal and healthy, then try this formula - both the husband and wife take 12 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 6 sachets Yung Kien Pollen + 3 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein each, every day. Take for 1 month. Refrain from intercourse during this time to normalise the sperm and cleanse the womb. If the couple has budget consideration, then each can take 4 Lingzhi + 2 Pollen + 2 Protein a day.


Some tips on Healing Reactions

People with high blood pressure and high blood sugar problem - after consuming Lingzhi, the blood pressure and blood sugar readings may increase. When one takes Lingzhi at high dose, the blood circulation increases, causing blood pressure to also increase. Cholesterol reading may also increase temporarily. When blood circulates faster, your body system may shrink the blood vessels, hence the pressure shoots up. At the same time, due to the shrinkage of the blood vessels, one may feel cold. But it is ok. Even though the blood pressure can increase to as high as 180 mmHg (as part of the healing reaction), one would feel normal, without the usual symptoms of HBP such as spinning head, headache and vomiting.

People with liver problem - after consuming Lingzhi, may sometimes experience the GOT and GPT readings to increase a bit before coming down. It is normal.

People with tumour (including growths like polyps, cysts and fibroids) - after consuming Lingzhi, the size of the tumour may increase. The tumour that is formed is naturally "compressed" by our body. The tumour that is "attacked" by Lingzhi will "loosen" and thus the size looks bigger (MRI tests can only detect the size and not density). After some time, when the Lingzhi continues to work on the tumour and the immune cells "eat" the tumour, it will eventually shrink.


Blood Thinner v. Blood Cleanser

Drugs such are heparin and warfarin are blood Thinners. Patients with heart problems and diabetics take them to thin down their blood with the intention to prevent blood clots which lead to heart attacks and strokes. However, thinning down the blood just dilute it and does not remove the clots. Further, there are many side effects including bleeding and pain.
For example, if your Milo is too sweet, you add water to dilute it so you don't taste the sweetness. But the amount of sugar you consume is still the same.
Take Shuang Hor Lingzhi instead - this is a natural blood Cleanser. It removes the toxins and clots from your body. It cleans up the blood vessels and gets rid of lipids thereby giving you better blood circulation.

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