Bits & Bites #167 - Health: A Convenient Health Scanning Solution

Sunday 26 March 2017

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These 4 criteria determine the state of your health:

1. Emotions
2. Dietary habits
3. Lifestyle habits
4. Health supplements

If you cannot manage the first 3 and only rely on health supplements (Shuang Hor products), then you have to take at very high dose to negate the high level of toxins you are introducing into your body everyday.


How do you use Lingzhi to "cleanse" your Lungs?
If you think your lungs are not so healthy, the best way to "clean" it is to consume 12 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma together with 6 sachets Yung Kien Pollen a day. Take with warm water. Remove the capsules and consume the powder directly. Consume at least 4 sets over 1 month.


Protein is like bricks.
Collagen is like cement.
Hence protein and collagen when consumed together have a synergistic effect of binding everything together - skin, muscles and body organs.


You consume so many supplements and products.
Have you ever seen their factory? Do you know how they are processed? Do you know what are the quality control procedures?
If you don't, how do you know if it's Safe? How do you know if you can consume for Long-term?
Assuming the products you take is effective, do you know what are the long-term Side Effects?


If you have budget considerations, just consume 4-6 bottles of Lingzhi over 1 month to do Scanning. If you don't have any vertigo reactions, then your body is very healthy. Continue with what you're doing and come back next year for another round of scanning.


If you always drink a lot of cold/ice drinks, your stomach will be very "cold". It can't digest well, and the intestines won't be able to absorb the undigested food. Not only will the food be wasted, it will also cause a burden to your body. Whatever supplements and drugs you take also won't be so effective.

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