Bits & Bites #165 - Business: Simple Test to Check if Shuang Hor Business is Worth Doing

Sunday 5 March 2017

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People are motivated to do Shuang Hor Business by either Fear or Gain.
(i) They may be fearful of the uncertainty about their future in their current job and find Shuang Hor is a solution to solve that problem.
(ii) They may already know they need to do something but they don't know what until we offer them Shuang Hor as a way out.
(iii) They may be in denial and don't want to think deeper. We try to invite or challenge the person to look within.
(iv) They may be looking for a way to achieve their dreams and they find Shuang Hor is the answer.
Whatever it is, we sincerely present Shuang Hor as the solution to our friends - they deserve a better life and we can help them achieve it.


Be open minded to check out Shuang Hor Business if you are looking for a solution to your problem, be it to earn more money, have more time flexibility or treat your health problems.
If Shuang Hor is not for you, it is ok, continue searching.
If Yes, your life could be transformed.


Why do people quit Shuang Hor Business?

a) They don't put in consistent effort and don't see results; so they give up.
b) They dare not offer or talk to people because they are scared of what people will think of them.
c) They don't follow up and follow through.
d) They feel down when results are not what they expect because they are impatient or have unrealistic expectations.
e) They don't ask uplines for help when needed.

What is the solution?

a) Work very closely with your uplines. This person is your mentor who can help you succeed.
b) Stay in Shuang Hor environment by consistently attending many meetings. When you change from the corporate environment to entrepreneurial mindset, it is a big change. In order to persevere, it is important to stay within the new environment.
c) Set mini goals and strive to achieve them. You will feel more confident and be motivated to continue.
d) Do this for at least 2 years.


A simple test to check if Shuang Hor Business is worth doing is to ask yourself this question - If you don't do this business anymore, will you continue to use its products? If your answer is Yes, then it means you like the products. You find the products are so good that you will choose them over other products.
Imagine now there are many other people who think like you. This means that Shuang Hor has a natural customer base. If you are involved in this business, you will be able to tap on this opportunity. It is then worthwhile for you to stay in Shuang Hor business.

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