Exclusive: Seminar by Dr Hseu Ruey-Shyang: Part 6 - Lingzhi and Liver Protection Function

Wednesday 11 January 2017

This is the final part of Dr Hseu's lecture on "Lingzhi and Modern Medical Science"..

When we eat and drink and breath as part of our metabolic activities, we inevitably introduce into our inner system some substances that are undesirable, something that we call "rubbish metabolites".

Where are these metabolites processed?
They are processed in the liver. Being one of the largest organs in our body, liver is also the most important detoxification plant. Almost everything that cannot be further broken down is eventually processed in the liver. When this ultimate detoxification centre  takes in something that it cannot deal with and causes havoc in it, it becomes ill, which is generally manifested as hepatitis.

Hepatitis takes on one of 3 forms:

1) Virus hepatitis 
This is infection by hepatitis A, B, C, D or E virus. Each of these infects the body in a different mode. While some are transmitted through the mouth, others through blood transfusion etc. Whatever the mode of infection, they invariably lead to inflammation of the liver.


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