Bits & Bites #162 - Business: A Business That Is Built Upon Love

Sunday 29 January 2017

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If you want to do well in Shuang Hor Business, don't do it with just your Brain; use your Heart.
I openly love and share with the people around me what I believe, I feel very free. I don't have to pretend. I just speak sincerely, knowing that what I offer will help them. I can genuinely help people. I don't care what people think or say, because my heart is pure. That really gives me so much freedom.


If we help our friends by offering them only Shuang Hor products, we are only helping them partially. If we give them the Business, we can change their whole life and make a much bigger difference to them.
The essence of Shuang Hor Business is built on the word Love. We learn to willingly serve people sincerely. It is a situation that cannot be found anywhere in a conventional business environment.


We don't want to shortchange people. If we see the Business is so good, we also want people to see what we see.


When you first start on the business, set a Goal - work out something practical, so you can achieve it and won't feel so demotivated. If your goal is too much of a stretch, you will end up getting upset with yourself and give up. Moving slowly is better than not moving at all. It gives you the motivation to keep going.


If you want to be good in something, you have to be Consistent and practise it regularly.


The direct selling industry has been around since 1945, more than 70 years. More than 30 million people do this business worldwide. Which means this is a genuine industry.
Direct selling essentially means the products/services go directly from the Manufacturer/Service Provider to the Consumers. It includes bank telemarketing, door-to-door sales, internet marketing, single level marketing and multi-level marketing.
In a Genuine MLM business, distributors earn money from the sale of products and when the products change hands.
In a Pyramid scheme, the money is earned from recruitment and the company does not focus on products.

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