Bits & Bites #137 - Testimonies: Gastric and Greenzhi Toothpaste

Sunday 8 May 2016

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Testimonies: 4 Stories on Gastric and Shuang Hor Products 

Story 1
Mr N’s colleague, a 26-year old lady, has been suffering from gastric attacks regularly for 2 years, up to the point where she has ulcers in her intestines. There was once when the attack was so painful that she couldn’t stand up. He introduced her to Lactoberry probiotics and she took 2 sachets immediately. It was so effective that 5 minutes later, she felt well enough to go out for lunch. 

Story 2
Another friend of Mr N has been suffering from gastric for 20 plus years. He is now 40 years old. Mr N didn’t know about this when he was sharing the benefits of Lactoberry with him but he simply gave him 1 sachet to try. About 5 minutes after he took, this friend disclosed that he’s actually suffering from gastric problem and was feeling the pain at that moment. He said that Lactoberry really worked because the pain subsided. He immediately bought a box. 

Story 3
Mr N suffered from a gastric attack recently. He took 2 sachets Lactoberry + 1 sachet Jia Hor Soya Protein. The pain subsided within 15 minutes, and he could continue with his dinner. 

Story 4
Ms C has been suffering from bad gastric pain since 16 years old. Her condition got worse when she started her cafe, due to erratic hours and stress. She used to take up to 14 pills a day to get rid of the gastric. She consumed about 2-3 boxes Jia Hor Lingzhi a month, for 1.5 years. Her condition improved significantly. She used to feel a lot of gas, burning sensation, nausea and giddiness when the gastric condition attacked. Now, she's able to control her gastric even during the times she skips meals. It's manageable and not as painful as in the past.


Testimonies: Greenzhi Toothgel

Some amazing ways to use Greenzhi Toothgel..
Some of these are "old formula" as Shuang Hor now has products that can address these conditions specifically. However, this list shows you how safe our products are, that's why they can be used for any purpose, only limited by your imagination and creativity.
  • High fever - mix Lingzhi + Greenzhi into a paste and apply on the infant's navel button. Cover it with a plaster. The fever should subside within half an hour.
  • Dandruff - use like shampoo by rubbing Greenzhi over your scalp.
  • Sunblock - applying Greenzhi on your face helps to prevent sunburn.
  • Pimples / acne - rub Greenzhi on the inflamed area. The pimples will burst and expedite the recovery process.
  • Sore throat - swallow directly or swallow a mixture of Greenzhi + Lingzhi. Soothes the inflammation very quickly.
  • Mosquito bites - applying Greenzhi on the bite areas reduce the feelings of itchiness.
  • Open wound - applying Greenzhi on the wound stops the bleeding, covers it from infection and soothes the pain.
  • Dry skin / eczema - mix Greenzhi + Vcare Body Lotion + Lingzhi together so it's not so dry then apply liberally on the skin.
  • Vaginal itch - apply Greenzhi directly on the vagina and let it dry.
  • Piles / hemorrhoid - apply directly to the affected area. Helps relieve the pain and inflammation.

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