Bits & Bites #125 - Business: Is Your Future Guarded in the Company You Work With?

Sunday 14 February 2016

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In doing Shuang Hor, we need to look at the business side, to see whether this business is still prospering. Is our future guarded? We not only need to guarantee our own future, we also need to look after the future of our downlines. Is this company still going to be around to support us after we become successful? Big cellphone brands from 20 years ago like Motorola and Nokia have now been taken over by Apple and Samsung. However, Shuang Hor is still going strong after 28 years and is still the world number one Lingzhi company. Our future is assured with Shuang Hor.


In the past, the cost of producing Yung Kien Ganoderma2 was very high. That was why only people with severe diseases and conditions were recommended to consume YK2. However, the company has since found ways to reduce cost. From the business perspective, we are in the front line, doing sales. If the company can continue to keep the cost down, it is to our benefit.
It is easier to sell and our consumers will be very happy to know that the price is maintained, regardless of currency fluctuations. Further, if the profit Shuang Hor makes is maintained, it means the bonus we earn is also maintained.


We Distributors are partners with Shuang Hor company in this business.
Shuang Hor needs us and we need them. Why do I say that?
We need Shuang Hor to continue supplying high quality and competitive products that have a future.
So that when we go out to build the business, we have a future. Our consumers want this type of products.
Shuang Hor needs us to bring in the sales and profits so they can continue to do their work to research and come up with more and better products.


More and more people are falling sick nowadays. A lot of people are seeking alternative treatment because the conventional treatment can be very Painful, very Costly and very Inconvenient. E.g. we cannot simply purchase a Chemo Treatment from the supermarket. The patient has to take leave and someone also has to take time off to care for the patient.

Shuang Hor is going to launch a new breakthrough product that can target Specific Cancer. The dosage is low and there is No side effects. This sort of solution is virtually unheard of right now amongst western drugs. There is a huge potential market. Whatever promises Shuang Hor has made thus far has been fulfilled. It is trustworthy and looks after our interests. So we can be assured that this product is already in the pipeline.


Shuang Hor is the market leader in terms of producing Lingzhi / Ganoderma with the highest quality and efficacy. Besides Shuang Hor, are there any other companies that come close? Why can't other companies compete at this level?
Because it is not easy. Even if you have the financial resources to set up the factory, you may not have the expertise to run it. You need years of experience and expertise. You can't just hire someone to do the job. A company which did that closed down within 3 years. Another company took 12 years to get Taiwan's Health Food accreditation and it's still unable to match Yung Kien Ganoderma's functions. Shuang Hor has planned its strategy many, many years ago The effort put in then is coming to fruition now, from the species, greenhouse and technology to using the MLM route.

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