Bits & Bites #121 - Business: Your Business Is Only As Big or As Small As You Make It To Be

Sunday 10 January 2016

Please email if you're looking for a Partner to do Shuang Hor Business.
If you think Shuang Hor is a Small business, then that is what it is for you.
If you think Shuang Hor is a Big business, then it is indeed a business with huge potential.
You are the one who make it so.


Right Attitude to do Shuang Hor Business

1. View Shuang Hor as a business. Not as a part-time job. Run it professionally, like a business.
2. We are not selling Lingzhi only. We are building an asset, which is a network, which are the people in our group.
3. You are the leader of your network. To grow your network, the first person you must build is Yourself. Don't compare yourself with others. Compare only with yourself in terms of your own growth in knowledge, skills, willingness to change etc.
4. You must believe in and work closely with your mentor who always has your best interest at heart. He truly wants to see you succeed and always wants to get the best out of you.


Fear not what your friends think of you when you are doing Shuang Hor Business. You are doing this business to pursue your own dreams and goals, which you believe this business can give you.
So don't worry what people think of you.


Successful businessmen earn a lot of money.
But can they leave their business unattended for 3-6 months?
No. Therefore businessmen are Time Poor.
Come and explore Shuang Hor business. Because being successful in this business means you can go away for long stretches of time but your business carries on.


Most businesses cannot give you Money + Time + Health simultaneously.
They usually give you these elements at different times. As such, you won't be able to enjoy a truly good life. You will always live a life designed by other people. It is not truly your own life e.g. you're at the beck and call of your boss in order to earn a huge salary, or you have to plough back your profit into your business, or your hard earned money is used to pay for your family's health.
Come take a look at why Shuang Hor Business is different.

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